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Why You Should Be Comfortable with Your Kink?

We Understand – Top Sydney Escorts

When a client calls us for the first time with an unusual request, he is somewhat afraid to speak his heart. It is evident in his voice and tone. While our trained agents and top Sydney escorts are equipped with the skills necessary to make you feel comfortable and confident to discuss your desires, we understand why would a person feel shy to talk about his kinks.

Get Your Kink On

As a society, we have grown somewhat liberal with sex; however, a lot of people still gross out at the mention of a kink. They fail to understand that kinks are something that a person realizes as he grows up. It is in their nature. It is not something that is to be judged morally. Of course, there is a thin line between a kink and an unacceptable behavior but aren’t we all smart enough to understand that difference?

It has to Start with You

If you ask us, we are totally comfortable with kinks. In fact, a lot of our private escorts in Sydney are called in to fulfil the client’s kinky needs. The ladies not only love to be a part of these fantasies. But they also respect the fact that the man with them had the courage to open up and present his true self. This is why we ask our clients to communicate and tell us what they want. We want to help but it has to start with you.

A kink is not bad. In fact, kinks are more common than you think they are. They aren’t just discussed as commonly as vanilla sex and Kamasutra. And let’s face it, all of us have thought of doing something unusual to someone around us at one point in our life.

Judge All You Want

When 50 Shades of Grey was released, BDSM became a talk of the town and people eventually made peace with it. People around the world have accepted BDSM as a thing. And in fact, a number of calls that we receive from men seeking escorts for BDSM have seen a rise as well. Now, judge all you want but people are enjoying the pleasure of the pain inflicted by a dominant male or female on a slave.

The fact that no one is talking about kinks is the reason why people are not finding sexual satisfaction. If you are not going to talk about what you want, you are never going to get it. Your partner may take time to understand you but eventually, the best sex is only going to happen if they are a part of your fantasy. Similarly, you have to open your mind and be comfortable with what your partner needs. You two might be on the same or you two might be reading two different books altogether but unless you talk about, no one is going to know. This is another reason why you should be comfortable with your kink.


Kinks are a part of you and the sooner you accept them; the sooner you will be able to find the best sexual experience. They are natural, they are a part of your character and everybody has them. So, be comfortable and talk about it. Give us a call or fill up our form and we would gladly provide you with Sydney elite escorts that will fulfil your kinky needs.