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Why Men Find It Complicated Dated Sydney Escorts

While many guys fantasise about dating an escort, stripper, or other sex workers, things change when they have a chance to date one. For most guys, it’s complicated to date an escort.

When it comes to dating a Sydney escort, it doesn’t really matter whether a guy has been a client or not. Some escorts believe it would be easier because the guy is already familiar with their lifestyle. Others refuse to date guys who have been their clients.

The first to bear in mind when it comes to dating an escort is that this type of relationship has no room for monogamy. Traditional mainstream dating concepts don’t apply here. For most men who date escorts, this is the biggest struggle. She continues to have sex with clients for money because it’s her job after all. So, if you’re kind of jealous, then dating a escort is not the right thing to do.

Sometimes guys know immediately they’re not okay with an escorts lifestyle but pretend they are. This leads to an unhealthy relationship where both sides suffer.

So, what do you need to understand when dating a escort? First of all, you need to understand that:

  • Sex with clients is just sex, nothing else, no emotion or anything. She’s only doing it for the money because it’s her job
  • Dating a escort doesn’t mean you will have sex constantly. After all, Sydney escorts and other sex workers are just like other girls. No girl has sex 24/7 or gives blowjobs to her boyfriends all day long. It’s important to treat a escort girlfriend with respect
  • Communication is crucial. A escort girlfriend can’t read your mind. You need to be open and honest about your expectations and feelings, just like you want her to be. Talk to her about your concerns, don’t assume she knows if you don’t say anything
  • The mental aspect of a escort is trickier than physical work. Although men don’t think about it this way, encounters with Sydney escorts aren’t just about sex. Sometimes men book a long session of two or three hours and have sex for 30 minutes only. The remaining time they spend talking about their struggles, emotions, and other things. All this can be quite overwhelming, which is why the mental aspect of this job is a lot harder than physical labor. All this can take its toll on her behavior and mood
  • Sex work is a job like any other meaning a girl has good days, and bad days, like any other working person
  • You don’t need to save your escort girlfriend, nor does she want you to do so. She’s an independent woman who knows exactly what she’s doing

When it comes to dating Sydney escorts and other sex workers, you need to focus on communication and always understand sex with clients is just sex and nothing more than that.


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