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Prostitution Laws in Australia

Australia is one of only a few countries in the world that legally allows prostitution and where anyone qualified to engage in prostitution or engaging in the act of providing or selling personal sexual talents and services to adult carnal consumers can freely practice their profession, provided that they adhere to government regulations and laws designed to protect both sex workers and their clients.

Sex tourism in Australia, particularly Sydney where the bulk of pleasure seeking tourists go to experience the best adult services in the country, is a major attraction for thousands of male visitors from around the world. The decriminalisation of prostitution, which started in New South Wales in 1979, led to a boom in sex tourism that now makes a significant contribution to the country’s over-all tourism revenues. Hailed as a breakthrough Act, the legalisation of prostitution in Australia serves as a great model for all countries in the world on how to effectively govern and regulate an industry and profession which is said to be as old as mankind.

Sydney is home to the world’s best escorts that personify what professionalism in the sex industry is about and these Sydney escorts have gained worldwide acclaim for best practices and best over-all performance in the international adult entertainment industry for providing high-quality and high-class escort services to a wide range of clientele. Like all sex workers and professionals in Australia, escorts in Sydney are covered by laws and regulations that need to be strictly followed.

Here, we are providing a summary of what rules and laws apply with Sydney escorts in Australia so you may also have a good reference and background when you visit Sydney to go out on an escort date:

The Law and Prostitution

Prostitution, or the act of selling one’s personal sexual talent in exchange for money, is legal in Australia, but there may certain activities related to the practice of prostitution which may be illegal. Laws and regulations may vary from state to state so it would be wise to do research on what specific provisions and laws apply to the city or state you are planning to visit.

The New South Wales’ Prostitution Decriminalisation Act of 1979

Prostitution Decriminalisation is the Act of repealing all laws against prostitution, which technically means wiping out the provisions in the law that criminalised prostitution in all aspects. Although this Act repels all laws against prostitution it does, however, feature a distinction between voluntary prostitution of legal age adults and the involvement of either coercion or force and child prostitution, with the latter remaining as criminal offenses. The purpose and main emphasis of passing the Act is to protect the rights of the sex worker, it is primarily about respecting their human rights and improving their over-all working conditions including the sex workers’ safety and health.

This is a summary of the rules and laws that apply to all Sydney Escorts in Australia.