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What Does Your Fantasy Woman Look Like?

Every man is different meaning their vision of the perfect woman differs as well. Whether you are a boob man, ass man, or maybe a leg man we have escorts who live up to your preferences. Below we’re going to talk about different types of escorts in Sydney and what makes them so unique. Read on to learn more.

Petite perfection

Petite girls are not just cute, they look unbelievably hot in short skirts or dresses combined with high stiletto shoes. Just imagine a petite escort with a beautiful figure taking her clothes off. Her body is tight, her tits perfectly shaped, and her nipples hard. Petite girls are confident, energetic, and fierce. Their personalities are just as hot as their appearances.

SEX TIP: Get your petite escort to kneel in front of you. She can take your cock in her mouth easily. Watch her as she sucks your cock then cum on her face and gorgeous tits. Isn’t that hot? Of course, it is.

Temptingly tall

While some men prefer petite frames others love tall ladies. And what’s there not to like? Tall and slim ladies look like supermodels. Add hot tits and ass into the mix and you get a sexy and stunning girl that any guy would want in his bed. Tall escorts command the room, they own every room they walk in. They are powerful, confident, and have legs for days. It’s needless to mention tall escorts syd can have sex in basically any position you want as they wrap their gorgeous legs around your body.

SEX TIP: Although you can have her in any way you want, you’ll have the best time if you like her back in the military position. Fuck her hard while her legs are over your shoulders. Not only does this position allow for deep penetration, but you’ll also get to look at her face and see how much she enjoys it. Options to cum are numerous, but you may want to do it on her stomach. Sexy!

Curvy queen

Curvy or fuller girls are often considered real women. They have big breasts, small waists, hot hips, and big butts. In other words, they have curves in all the right places. It’s no wonder men love curvy escorts and you probably do as well.

SEX TIP: With curvy girls options are endless. It all depends on whether you want to feast your eyes on her tits or ass. But you may want to lie down and let her ride your dick. That way, you can see her body in its full glory. You can also play with her tits and look at her face to see the sheer pleasure. She dictates the tempo and moans as your dick keeps pulsating in her pussy. You can also do doggy style to look at her small waist, sexy back, wide hips, and a gorgeous ass. Options are truly endless.

Regardless of your preferences, our escort agency can help you out. Contact us to learn more.