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Your Type of Girl

What’s Your Type of Girl?

All males have different types of girls they fantasise of having a sexual experience with.

Everyone has his own special “type” of dream girl, a fantasy girl who will fulfil a lingering sexual desire that lies deep within every gentleman on the planet.

The types of dream girls vary and they can be petite or tall, slim or voluptuous, coed or mature, meek or dominant, girl next door or office girl and a host of other types too many to mention here.

The good news is, you can now make your fantasies come to life with the most beautiful dream girls in the world, the best roleplay escorts of Sydney!

Our ladies are perfect for all types of sexy games and they are willing to transform into the women of your dreams.

Whatever type of girl you prefer there will be a great escort in Sydney Escort Agency to match it, guaranteed!

So what’s your type?

We’ll get down to business and enumerate some of the most popular types of girls our clients have requested, with all of them walking away extremely happy and satisfied after spending a day living their dreams with Sydney’s best role-playing girls:

The Coed

She can be a cheerleader wearing her skimpiest uniform complete with pompoms or she can be the college nerd type complete with large eyeglasses. Any which ways you want your coed type we are confident you will give her an A in Sex Ed. when you’re done.

The Girl Next Door

Imagine her with pigtails, short shorts, a thin shirt tied in front with her nipples trying to pierce through and the sweetest and naughtiest smile a girl can give. Would you want to borrow some sugar, Sir? Or should we ask her to bring cookies for you?

The Office Girl

Walking in with stilettos, short pencil skirt, a see-through blouse with nothing underneath, her hair tied in a neat ponytail, she naughtily greets you “good evening boss. Would you want some coffee, tea or some of me?

The Celebrity

She walks in like superstar. Her head slightly held high, she’s got tantalizing eyes; she confidently strides and looks around then asks for a glass of fine wine. She will probably autograph your underpants when everything’s done!

The Dominant

When she comes you better be a ready bad boy. Clad in all leather attire she opens her bag and brings out a whip, a pair of handcuffs and some clamps. We hope you’re ready to experience some pain coupled with intense pleasure because this dominatrix will surely give you a lot of it!

The Porn Star

You know what this means, XXX rated fun all night so be prepared to be blown away!

These are just some of what our great Sydney Escorts can do. So go ahead and book your type of girl now!