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Three Stunning Yachts You Can Charter from Sydney Harbour

Sydney, Australia is known as the world’s top playground for the rich and famous. It is also known as the Harbour City as it is built around and sits on the world’s largest natural harbor. Everything in Sydney spells luxury. From the moment you arrive the city opens up its door to a uniquely beautiful environment that remains unequaled anywhere in the world.

The beauty of Sydney lies in the warmth and vibrancy of this global city, it features a healthy balance of modernisation and pristine natural environments that offer travelers and guests a different kind of experience and a taste of luxury that can only be seen and felt in Sydney.

The Pacific Ocean serves as the backdrop of the Harbour City, and all kinds of water sports and activities happen daily at the harbor and on the open seas. Boating enthusiasts flock to Sydney and make it a jump off point in exploring Australia’s endless offerings of great reefs and diving and swimming spots.

Regular day and night cruises are offered daily from the Sydney harbor where regular tourists may see the city’s tourist spots from a different perspective. Those who want a little more than just a regular cruise may opt to charter private yachts which offer discriminating guests the most luxurious yachting experience.

Three stunning yachts you can charter from Sydney Harbour is featured here to help you get a glimpse of what luxury yachting in Sydney is all about, and should you have a need for a yachting companion be sure to check our gallery of beautiful and highly acclaimed Sydney escorts by Hush!

The Ghost II or The Quantum

If you intend to host a small, private luxury party aboard a yacht then The Quantum, formerly known as the Ghost II, is the perfect boat for you. This yacht features a wide open deck that can be used any way you want, from soaking up the sun to dancing under the moonlight, anything is possible on this boat. Your luxury charter includes five stars catering services with a choice of formal dining or buffet menus and comes complete with premium beverage and wine service, four luxurious state rooms, and a spacious master cabin, and water toys such as wakeboards, water skis and jet skis for you and your high class escort.

The Tango

The Tango is a very good alternative should the Quantum be a little on the low end for you. This is Sydney’s most expensive and ultra-luxurious yacht available for rent to the privileged few who have a taste for anything that has a prefix of the word super attached to it. Super luxurious sums up what The Tango offers. This is the pride of Sydney’s charter industry and has been designed to cater to the super- rich who need super-extravagant things and services on a dream cruise. If money is no object, then The Tango is the super-yacht for you.

The Masteka II

This can also be a good contender to The Tango, with three levels of luxury available inside The Masteka II, it is a favorite of international celebrities and public figures who are out in Sydney for a great time. There are five luxury cabins, an upper and lower lounge and gigantic open deck areas perfect for small parties.

This luxury yacht can take you anywhere you want; from Sydney Harbour to the Great Barrier Reef, nothing can be more comfortable and luxurious as The Masteka II, except for The Tango of course.