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The Most Popular Sexual Fantasies

Every person has their favorite sexual fantasy. Some people have multiple sexual fantasies and hope one day they will turn them into reality. We like to think about our fantasies in the bed, in the office, while taking a shower, and pretty much whenever we can. However, most people think sexual fantasies are just fruits of imagination, unrealistic scenes that would never happen in real life. Are you one of them? If so, you’ll be happy to know that you can live your sexual fantasy. You can engage in the scenario from your favorite fantasy with your girlfriend or wife. If they’re not up to it, then you can always do it with a sexy Sydney escort. Turning sexual fantasies into reality is a game-changer for many. That’s when your sex life reaches another level and your sexual performance improves significantly. Our escorts Sydney love to play out scenarios exactly like you imagined them. It doesn’t really matter what the fantasy is, you can find an escort who’s interested in it as you are and will help you experience it.

Below, we’re going to go through the most popular sexual fantasies. Is your fantasy among them?

  1. Threesome

Threesome is, by far, the most popular sexual fantasy ever. Every man would love to have a threesome at one point or another. Even an increasing number of women want to try a threesome to see what it’s like. For most guys, the ideal threesome is with two super sexy girls who are directing all their attention toward him and aiming to please him any way they can. Just an idea of two naked girls kissing and touching one another is enough to get you hard. Imagine experiencing it. How awesome.

  1. Sex in public

If you’ve never had sex in a public place you’re definitely missing out. The thought of getting caught in the act is incredibly exciting and sexy. Options for sex in public are endless. You can do it in a park, at the beach, in an elevator, in a stairwell of your building, in the office, gym, wherever you want. It’s easy to find smoking hot escorts who absolutely love sex in public, so what are you waiting for?

  1. Domination

Some men love to dominate whereas others prefer being dominated. Regardless of your sexual fantasy and preference, you can easily make it happen. Domination is about control and trust to the point where two people get to reach mind-blowing orgasm through sexy scenarios. All you have to do is to find an escort who loves to dominate or to be dominated. Take it from there and turn your fantasy into the most exciting sex you’ve ever had.

  1. Role play

Role play includes different scenarios where two people have different roles and pretend to be different persons. One person can be a lawyer while the other one is a client. Or a doctor-nurse scenario! Options are truly numerous and exciting at the same time. On our website, you can find escorts who love to engage in foreplay.