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The Most Ridiculous Implants Of All Time

The 9 Most Ridiculous Implants of All Time

Since the beginning of time, or at least since the mirror was invented, people tend to believe that they lack something or need to change something in their bodies to achieve that eternally desired perfect look.

Vanity is an inherent trait among people, whether we like it or not, from the time of Narcissus of the fabled Greek mythology, where the word narcissism originated and which means “an excessive interest in thy self and one’s physical appearance,” to the present time where millions of people undergo cosmetic or plastic surgery to enhance their appearances, the ability to modify an individual’s appearance is now very common worldwide.

Each and every country now has cosmetic and implant clinics offering cosmetic surgeries which cover every imaginable body part from head to toe, name any aesthetic enhancement you want and surely it is available in any of these clinics worldwide. Cosmetic surgery can be good for some, though for a good number of cases the tendency to abuse the science is apparent, which makes it worse.

From the mundane to the bizarre take a look at the list of the 9 most ridiculous plastic surgeries and implants of all time:

  • Extreme plastic surgery and aesthetic modification where new ID’s are required. South Korea is among the highest in the number of plastic surgery procedures performed in countries worldwide. Some Koreans change their facial features heavily that the patients actually need to have new ID’s after the surgery.
  • Fingers or Hand enhancement procedures.  The age of “selfies” fueled by Facebook and Instagram posts actually changed how people want their hands or fingers to appear in pictures, especially in engagement selfies. Hand and finger cosmetic surgery is now the rage for young women who are about to be engaged.
  • AB Etching or abdominal muscle enhancement. Abs can now be sculpted surgically to give the individual a “six pack” without having to work out at the gym. The procedure involves inserting a tube to suck out unwanted fat and sculpt the abdomen to bring out fake “muscular” abs.
  • Indentation or dimple surgery. Some people born with almost perfectly un-dented faces want to have those cute little facial dents called dimples, so they go through a procedure where the plastic surgeon deliberately slices into the skin so he can suture it back carefully folding it slightly to produce, well, dimples.
  • Tongue Splitting or Tongue Forking. Believe it or not, some people actually want two tongues, or at least a tongue cut in half to make it almost two, which gives the person that snake-like charm and allow for multi-tasking whenever two tongues are needed at the same time. Whatever that means.
  • Ear re-shaping. This is probably due to watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy too much. Some people actually want their ears to look elf like. Surprisingly enough, some surgeons actually do the procedure.
  • Butt Enhancements. Some people want big butts, period. Actually this is more of an influence from superstars who flaunt their booties whenever possible. Think Nikki M. or Kim K. who doesn’t want a butt like theirs?
  • Super Exaggerated Breast Implants. There are no limits to how huge a pair of boobs can be. Some people have breast implants that are actually bigger than what their bodies can carry. Think four super sized watermelons, two on each side, hanging from a size 8 frame. Scary.
  • The Thigh Gap Machine. The world of cosmetic surgery never ceases to amaze. A recent breakthrough has been achieved where people can now have that much coveted thigh gap. Yes, thigh gap. Some ladies are lining up in Texas where a clinic offers “cold laser therapy” which supposedly zaps away fat between the legs to produce a nice looking and alluringly sexy thigh gap. Yes, thigh gap.