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Sydney is a global city where almost everything you see, touch, taste, and feel is first-class and it is one of the major global destinations to visit if you have an urge to splurge and indulge in life’s little luxuries. Characterised by the good life and high-class living, Sydney is a place brimming with the best things the world can offer, from the stunning beaches to its picturesque landscape, the modern buildings and structural icons, the city’s acclaimed accommodation facilities and resorts, the amazing choices of wining and dining options, the best bars and nightclubs, almost everything spells luxury in Sydney, and we haven’t mentioned the ladies yet!

The Harbour City is a great place to fulfill dreams and fantasies especially an individual’s carnal dreams and desires, for the city is known as the home of the most admired and highly-acclaimed Sydney escorts who are renowned for their immense beauty and talents. Men from across the globe flock to this city to meet the best high-class escorts in the world and take them on dream dates in some of Sydney’s finest places to visit.

Here are some luxurious date ideas for you and your hot escort date in Sydney:

Private Yacht Cruise

Sydney is a great place to go on luxury cruises, take your date on a private luxury yacht cruise and see her bedazzled by the harbor and city lights. You’ve probably seen pictures of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge but nothing beats seeing these structural icons lit up at night. There are great luxury yachts available for rent at the harbor and some offer the ultimate luxurious services and yacht facilities. Stay overnight on the waters and turn the experience into the dream date of a lifetime.

Helicopter Cruise

Now, this is something truly special and unique. Sweep her off her feet and take her on a wild helicopter ride across Sydney and see everything with a bird’s eye view. Private helicopter cruises are available to take you and your escort date high above the skyline complete with a fine bottle of champagne. Seeing Sydney from up above offers a different perspective of the city and allows both of you to enjoy the city’s amazing landscape plus, of course, a new and thrilling dating experience that can only be felt by a lucky few.

Private Jet Hopping

This is the ultimate in luxury dating. Get your Sydney escort on a private jet and go hopping around Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth for a few days to enjoy the very best of Australia. There are a few companies offering private jet rentals in Sydney and some would even be willing to fly you overseas. These private jets have luxurious cabins, and come complete with a competent crew to serve your needs, in-flight gourmet food, fine wine or champagne and everything else to make you feel like you own the world. Best of all, private jets come with elite membership to the super exclusive mile-high club

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