You are currently viewing Sydney Escort of the Month: Gabrielle Evans

Sydney Escort of the Month: Gabrielle Evans

High Class Sydney Escort Gabrielle Evans 

The Sydney private entertainment scene heats up a few degrees higher as we present the featured Sydney Escort of the month, Miss Gabrielle Evans.

Gabrielle is a super hot brunette with a stunningly sexy body who loves engaging in sexual adventures that will surely feed every man’s wildest fantasies.

One look at this angel sent from heaven above will bring you to euphoria and beyond. She is the embodiment of what a perfect high class escort should be, smart, pretty, sexy and possesses a heated passion for sexual trysts that will make every man proud of her services.

Sydney Australia and its bevy of Sydney escorts are known globally as one of the top destinations for adventure, personal entertainment, and pleasure.

Imagine exploring Sydney’s beauty and natural wonders while escorted by an equally exciting model who will guide you on your adventures from the bedroom to Sydney’s well known destinations. That is the world of Sydney Outcall Escorts, and Gabrielle is one of the most beautiful and talented of the top models available.

She is an exceptional escort who loves personal interactions and traditional romance, considering herself as a hopeless romantic in search of a partner who will satisfy her. She has a charming nature and a personality that will endear her to anyone’s heart even on the first meeting and date, and once in the bedroom becomes a young lady with an unmatched passion for sexual pleasure and enjoyment, a lady who will not hesitate to control the situation should her client have a timid persona. Everything about Gabrielle is pure satisfaction. From the first meeting to the last minute of contact her clients are assured of an experience they will surely treasure for a very long time.

Incall Escort Gabrielle Evans

A quick look at her profile will allow you to see and agree with what is being said about her. She sports a beautifully carved body that she takes care of by regularly working out, plus an ass that can match any of the famous celebrity asses in the showbiz industry, think J-lo, Kim K or even Nikki Minaj.

Whether you want it slow, intimate and passionate in the bedroom, or as wild as doing it anywhere in your place, Gabrielle is your girl. Bend her over, put her on top, take her from behind or carry her around, this young lady is willing to be taken anytime. She definitely loves being in a whirlwind of sexual adventures and is willing to take on your fantasies. A sexually charged rendezvous will make you say she is definitely what you want in a woman.

Gabrielle at a glance

  • 21 years old
  • Five feet six inches tall
  • Dress size is 8
  • Bra size 10D
  • Brunette
  • Blue eyes

Miss Gabrielle Evans, one of Sydney Escorts’ best, is the girl of your dreams and fantasies. For more information about Gabrielle and how you can contact her and avail of her services, visit our contact page.