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Dave was a successful entrepreneur. He had been making big with his IT venture. While he belonged to Melbourne, Sydney had his heart. He frequently travelled to the city and always had a blast with his friends. His every trip to Sydney finished with finding a girl at the local club and hitting it off with her for the night. Sometimes the girls were wild and fun and at other times, he had to settle with nothing but vanilla sex. Things changed for him when he travelled to the city last time. The club was closed and Dave saw his regular routine falling apart. He was upset. He needed to get into a pussy and rub his face in a pair of boobs. He installed a dating app on his iPhone but only if it was so easy. While still digging through apps and profiles and every other useless stuff, Dave stumbled upon an advertisement of an escort service. It looked lucrative and promised fun. David thought about it and well nothing had worked till now. He decided to call the escort service and enquire about their offerings.

He called them up and asked if they could send a girl to his hotel room. The agent asked him a few things to which Dave replied calmly. The agent then proceeded to ask him about his sexual needs and desires. This was something new for Dave. Nobody had ever asked him about his desires so openly. He hesitated, and agent understood that it was his first time. The agent made him feel comfortable. He asked Dave what kind of girl he wanted and what all he was feeling like doing in most encouraging way. Dave felt like he was in a better position now and started speaking as agent helped him build a better vocabulary. He asked for a lean blonde model with long legs. He said that he would like a girlfriend experience, a blowjob and some bondage stuff on the girl. Agent noted everything and shared image galleries and profiles of Nicole and Sandra. Nicole was a lean model with long hair, a sexy ass and perfect legs. On the other hand, Sandra had big boobs and her lips looked like they were made for sucking a dick. Dave picked Sandra and he was promised that the girl would be in his hotel room in less than an hour. Dave was excited. This was his first time with a top model and for the first time in his life, a girl was going to please him unconditionally. He was feeling powerful and anxious at the same time. He took a bath, put on a nice perfume and ordered some wine to make the experience better. About 45 minutes had passed when the doorbell rang. Dave was excited, turned on and anxious. He looked at his hair in the mirror, they were in their place and proceeded to open the door.

As he opened the door, a beautiful girl in a little black dress and sexy red high heels greeted him. She introduced herself as Dave welcomed her in. She walked like a breeze. She had put on Victoria Secrets and her voice was hot. Dave closed the door and watched Sandra walking towards the bed. Her high heels were making her legs even hotter, her butt looked firm and the way they swayed from left to right and right to left as she moved could make any man weak.

Dave was lost in her perfume and her ass; Sandra turned all of a sudden towards Dave and found him staring at her beautiful legs. “You like them, don’t you?” She said with a big smile on her face. She started moving towards him. With every step she took towards him and everytime her high heels made a click on the floor of the hotel room, Dave’s heartbeat grew a tad bit faster. She took a few more steps and she was now as close to Dave as she could get. Dave was happy; and stressed. This was a weird feeling. He had been with so many girls but no one had ever made him this way. But, it was not his fault, he had never been with a girl as beautiful as Sandra ever before. She went closer, her face near his. She smelled him. He smelled nice. She could feel his vulnerability. She put her hands on his shoulder and in the most sexy voice, said, “You smell nice. You look great. Let me take care of you darling.” and kissed him passionately.

To be continued…