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Spend An Evening With College Cutie Scarlet Gray

Make your stay in Perth, Australia worthwhile with the company of one of the most beautiful faces to grace the land down under,MS Riley Alexander

Riley is a college cutie from Perth who’s stunningly good looks and flawless body is every man’s desire. She is a high class Perth escort willing to do everything to satisfy her man. A former model, Riley is probably one of the sexiest escorts in all of Australia. She was able to carve that body through strict exercise regimens and diets that she observes and practices every day. Her body is exclusively available to the man who could afford her services and feed her insatiable sexual fantasies and desires.

Little Ms. Alexander prefers the company of men over women and admits that she can’t get enough of men. She is drawn to men who are able to carry themselves properly, men who are attractive, who are successful and most of all wealthy, though she clarifies that it is not about the money but the power the man wields that keeps her dripping wet and craving for a night of wild sex.

Like a moth to a flame, her attraction to powerful men never ceases. She loves to be in the company of a man who will control her, command her, and lead her to do things she only imagines in her sexual fantasies. This angel can be your perfect escort as she is always ready and willing to satisfy all your carnal desires.

Riley is an incomparable high class Escort from Perth who will serve as a perfect temporary companion to any man. You can bring her anywhere you wish, travel with her, wine, dine and dance with her, and at the end of the day, bring her to your room and satisfy her insatiable sexual appetite any way you want.

Riley at a glance

  • 22 years old
  • Five feet eight inches tall
  • Dress size is 8
  • Bra Size is 10D
  • Brunette
  • Blue eyes