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5 Sexy Massage Tips from a Professional Sydney Escort

A sexy massage from a professional Sydney escort is one of the best ways to relax after a busy week or during a visit to Sydney. Learn some tricks with our list of sexy massage tips

Our professional high-class escorts Sydney come fully equipped with all the necessary skills to keep our clients happy and completely satisfied.

Massage is one of these skills which can help immensely in alleviating stress, reducing muscle pain and relieving tension.

So, here are 6 tips for the best sexy massage of your life, from some of our top girls

Sexy Massage Tips

Find the right space

While our escorts will lead you to a soft bed for a night of lovemaking, they will pick a firm, stable and flat surface for a sensual massage. This way, you won’t move around as the massage is going on. It can get quite uncomfortable to get a massage on a soft surface, not to mention physically risky. You can lie down on this surface and place pillows under neck, ankles and knees for maximum comfort.

Oils make the experience better

Oils are not just used to make the masseuse’s hands warm and soft but also to reduce friction on the skin to make the movements easier. With some warm oil, the skin becomes slippery and much easier to rub, knead and stroke the muscles. Scented oils can definitely heighten the experience by appealing to the senses and creating an even more erotic feel. However, intense fragrances such as patchouli are not a very good idea.

Try lighter scents such as jasmine, lavender or lemongrass (you can choose one depending on the desired properties such as relaxation, invigoration, etc.) for the best results. The bottle can be warmed in a hot water bowl to gently heat it up.

Ambience matters a lot!

According to one of our most popular Sydney escorts, she likes to put on some sexy lingerie and to put her hair up leaving a couple of sensual tendrils hanging about her face to make her clients aroused just the right amount before starting the massage. She also likes to play some soft music on the background and to keep the lights dimmed.

Scented candles are among her favourites to set the mood. She also likes to drape her partner’s body with sheets and to uncover the part of their body that she is working on. She stresses on the music to be soft and slow for maximum relaxation!

Pick one part of the body at a time

Focusing on one part of the body such as the lower back, shoulders, or feet at a time can make the experience a much better one. You can always ask your partner where they feel any tension, pain or discomfort and then focus on that part to make them feel relaxed and to alleviate any discomfort.

Feelings heighten the experience

Sensual massages are not all about perfection. According to our top girls, it’s all about staying in the moment and not getting everything right. Your touch being more sensual is much more important than it is perfect in terms of technique. Being emotionally present and toughing your partner with the greatest attention to their reactions is sexier than anything.