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Sex in the Club

Picture: Hot Babe in Lingerie Ready for Sex in the Club

It happens to most of us, alone in a club sipping our favorite drinks while looking out for the perfect beautiful stranger we can hook up with for a night of gloriously wild sex encounter. We sometimes look for that somebody who we can play with and have some downright good old dirty sex with without any commitments, no strings attached, no emotional baggage’s, just plain “wham, bam, thank you Ma’am!” encounter.

It’s always thrilling to have sex with someone you really don’t know or someone you just met, the air of mystery excites us and the thought of having a great wild night of sex with a total stranger turns us on no end. We term it as a casual sex encounter; a no holds barred, devoid of emotional connection, just pure lust and basic instinct encounter where we end up extremely satisfied and walk away without need for commitments. Pure sexually charged FUN and nothing else!

Imagine this scenario; you had a long stressful day at a business conference in one of Sydney’s top hotel’s. The preparation, the pressures and the meeting itself has drained you and at the end of the day you need to unwind. You loosen up the tie, fold up your sleeves, fix your hair a little and head off to the hotel club at the top floor. Sitting on a bar stool with your favorite drink in hand, you let your eyes wander and look at all the ladies in the bar; you’re now on the prowl. It is when you see this gorgeous lady in red walking towards you with a sweet smile on her face, your heart skips a beat and you know this is the one. Long legged and curvy she just seems perfect in that tight little dress. As she sits beside you on the bar you gesture for the bartender to give the lady a drink, she glances at you and winks in approval and the familiar pulse-pounding sensation starts. You start with small talks and the usual “what’s a good girl like you…” pick-up lines. A few more rounds of Margarita’s and both of you begin to lose your inhibitions.

You asked to be transferred to a table in a dark side of the bar and order more drinks. Everything started to heat up once you put your arms around her small waist and she does the same to yours, your eyes locked on her pretty face you slowly move forward and give her a kiss that she didn’t resist. That long deep kiss emboldens you and you start rubbing her legs, her soft silky skin driving you wild. You slide your hand a little further up and felt her warm little pussy with her panty already wet, as you slip your fingers inside and she lets out the sexiest whimper you know this is going to be one wild night, and you want more…

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