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Sex and Men – The Truth

Sex and Men, both are inseparable but people tend to see it as taboo and would rather hide it under the rug for fear of being ridiculed. Men are sexual animals by nature and that’s the truth. They have sexual fantasies and desires that need to be satisfied and this is exactly the reason why the sex trade continues to flourish despite being banned or outlawed in most countries.

What most people and governments don’t understand, or refuse to understand, is the fact that human beings are designed to have sex, both men and women need sex, it is inherent and it is a biological trait that can’t be denied, although in most cases, the sexual drive of men is far greater than of the opposite sex.

Banning the sex trade means the absence of regulations that could ensure the safety of both sex workers and their clients, and a total ban forces them to conduct their trade under the radar so to speak. This poses more problems than solutions as the trade continues unabated and health issues become a concern for everyone involved.

Sex and Men – Legality and Regulations

Luckily, there are a few countries where the sex trade is legal and the adult services industry is regulated. Australia is a fine example of a country with liberal views on the sex trade, and the government has to implement rules that need to be followed and are designed to protect those who are involved in the sex industry and their clients. Central to these regulatory laws is the overall health status of all professional sex workers. All adult industry professionals are required to undergo periodic medical check-ups in government-run facilities conducted by government health workers and doctors to ensure all of them are safe, healthy and emotionally fit to conduct their trade.

Australia truly is a great country for men. The sex industry continues to flourish in this country and has become integral to their tourism industry. Many nations can try to learn a thing or two from The Land of Oz. Banning sex trade does not help, it only encourages people to conduct their trade without really any concern for their health and safety. In Australia, clients are assured of having clean and healthy temporary partners with whom they could fulfill their wildest fantasies without fear.

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