Our escort agency uses various terms and expressions to describe services, escorts, and everything else we offer. You are probably familiar with many terms, but find others somewhat unknown. This glossary explains all terms and expressions our agency mentions. Keep in mind that the agency and the girls do not provide all the services and some of them are provided with additional costs. Scroll down to read all the terms and their meanings of the escort service we provide.

Anal sex

Sexual activity that involves anal penetration of the escort, which is performed with penis or sex toys

Affectionate cuddling

There are times when you just don’t feel like going in with full force. You just want to lay down in bed with a hot woman and forget about the world and the problems in it. You just wish to take the back seat, feel her body against yours and affectionately get lost in her arms. The power of affectionate cuddling is more than one can imagine and only the people who have been a part of one or more cuddling sessions know exactly how it feels to be in the arms of a beautiful woman who cares for you.

Affectionate kissing

There is no better way to relax than be a part of a session full of affectionate kissing and caressing. A beautiful, hot woman touching your body, pressing her breast against you and slowly and affectionately kissing your lips, cheeks, nose and what not. All of it just for your pleasure. Affectionate kissing is done right only when the woman involved knows what you want from her. Thankfully, we have escorts who can deliver exactly what you wish to have – lots of kisses and lots of love.

Anal play

If you are into anal action, we have the best escorts for you. No matter whether you like to take it in the ass or fuck a woman in the ass, we have a woman for every man’s need. Our women love anal play and they would be glad to be a part of your fantasy. They are comfortable talking about it and discussing it thoroughly before going through it. Many clients ask us for anal play and power reversal and we have never let them down.

Anal play – On me

Do you think you can handle the power of a boss lady? Do you have the skills and endurance to satisfy your woman and her big sex toys? Well, if you think you are a game for it, let the big girls take care of your ass and let them have fun. These girls love to peg the big men like you. They do it with pleasure and they do it in style. You won’t be able to resist them and you will be begging for more.

Anal play – On you

Anal play is a big turn on for many men. First, the experience of fucking a woman in the ass is altogether different and second, not many women can withstand a hard dick entering their ass. If you are a man looking for an escort that can be a part of your wild anal play games, we have some girls that would love to visit you. These girls are trained professionals who enjoy a good ass fuck and are always up for a hot anal play.


There is nothing as hot as pulling out of the ass or the pussy at the last momenta and unloading the cum in the woman’s mouth. ATM or Ass to Mouth is an art that not many women have mastered and therefore finding a girl who can do it with confidence is hard to find. Thankfully, since you already found us, you do not need to look elsewhere to find escorts that can do a perfect ATM trick with you. Swallow or spit? Why don’t you discuss this with your escort directly?


There is nothing as hot as a woman sucking on a huge, hard dick and enjoying every inch of it; and if the BJ happens without the condom, the heat rises to a totally different level. Bare back blow job or natural oral sex where an escort performs blow job on a man when no condom is used. This is why every man, at least once in his lifetime should get a BBBJ from a sexy girl. Our girls are the queens of blowjobs and giving head is one thing that they love doing. They can satisfy any man with their lips and tongues and when it comes to no-condom blowjobs, there is nothing that can stop them.

B & D

Whether you like to be bonded or love to bond your partner, Bondage or B&D is a fun sex game that is a fantasy of many men. There is something oddly satisfying about bondage that not many people understand. This is why we take pride in introducing you to our kinkiest escorts who know exactly the right ways to bond you and then fun you. You can also show off your bondage skills to them and they would happily be in ropes and handcuffs and let you fulfil your fantasies.


Does Mr. Steele inside you want to come out and rule the beautiful women around you with the belts and ropes? Do you love to have a kitten who would do anything just to see you smile? How about we introduce you to women who would dress raunchy, act slutty and behave like an obedient little slave? Would you love it? This is exactly what we deliver when you say BDSM. Bondage, discipline (domination), sadism, masochism – a variety of sexual practices and activities that include physical restraints, power role-play, and other forms of kinky sex

Bisexual escort

An escort that is attracted to men and women alike, at Hush Escorts they are particularly suitable for couples

Bi Twin (double)

Two female escorts that engage in lesbian sexual acts. The only thing better than fucking one beautiful woman, is fucking two beautiful women. But, what if both the women look exactly the same? Double the beauty, double the sexiness, and double the fun. Especially for men who wish to fuck twin siblings, one face with multiple skills, we have twin escorts who would love to meet you in your hotel room.


How would you feel if a hot woman would come towards you, unbuckle your belt, remove your pants and start sucking your dick? Imagine her big luscious lips around your hard dick and her eyes looking at your face begging for some appreciation and attention. If this does not turn you on, what else will? A blowjob or a BJ is the ultimate satisfaction that a woman can give to a man and thankfully we have girls who are just too good at them.

Big beautiful escorts

Tall and curvy escorts that are usually between the sizes of 12 and 16

Business and pleasure

A common practice where a client combines their business trip with pleasure such as having a sexual encounter with an escort

Body slide

A service, or a type of erotic massage, wherein an escort rubs the oil on your body using her body, instead of her hands


Being in cuffs or making a girl wear cuffs – both the situations can be equally hot depending on what you have on your mind. Our girls know what you need and they would give all of it to you gladly. If you want pain, they will give you pain and if you want pleasure, they will give you pleasure but be assured that your moment is going to be highly restricted. By hiring our girls for Bondage, you are practically signing up for a painful night but with a lot of fun.


Brazilian women are hot. They are open minded and love to have sex. If you are looking for crazy, rough sex, you must meet and fool around with a Brazilian lady. She is sure to give you the time of your life and if you are lucky, she might also give you your hottest blowjob ever. To make things easier for you, we have signed up some of the hottest Brazilian girls here who would love to meet you and fuck you.

Call girl

Another term for an escort, a girl that a client can book via telephone (or by contacting the agency via website) and set up a meeting at a hotel or some other location


Cum in mouth i.e. a client ejaculates in an escort’s mouth. A man performs CIM by pulling out during sexual intercourse and ejaculates after a blow job or hand job. If you have never experienced a woman sucking your dick and then filling her face with your cum, you are probably missing on one of the hottest things ever. CIM or cum in mouth is a hot kink that can be a big turn on for a majority of guys. Watching a girl filling her mouth with cum is simply a treat.


While cum in mouth is just one step towards crazy for many kinky people, CIMWS or cum in mouth with swallow is the next and the final step towards playing with the dick juice. Many women shy away from doing it but our professional escorts understand that this is something that turns you on and therefore they love doing it. They not only suck your dicks but also swallow the cum to see you satisfied and smiling with pleasure.


Cum on back, a service where a client cums on an escort’s back. In some cases, COB also refers to cum on the body i.e. ejaculating on different parts of the body including naked breasts, torso, feet, back, or other spots that escort and client agree on. There is nothing as hot as unloading your cum on the breasts, belly, and thighs of a beautiful woman and watch her play with it. The view is oddly satisfying and the best form of turn on for many men. If you are a person who loves COB or cum on body play, we have the perfect escorts for you who can satisfy your senses as nothing else can.


Cum on face, a service that allows a client to ejaculate on an escort’s face. This is a highly popular service that enables a client to experience something they’ve seen in pornographic videos. If you have been imagining how it would feel to let your dick throw up on the face of a hot woman, we have good news for you. Our agency has been helping men like you to find a girl who would love to have a facial with your dick juice. These women are hot, sexy and want to eat your cum. They know the right things to say and the right way to suck your dick for maximum pleasure.

Companionship service

The only thing better than a sexy teacher is fucking a sexy teacher. But, why limit yourself to a sexy teacher? How about a nurse who loves to treat balls or a cheerleader who just cannot get over sucking dicks? The fun part of the costume sex is the fact that you get to be what you are not and get to fuck what you want. A sexy girl in a raunchy outfit, some sex toys and a lot of moaning sound like a perfect date night. Services that include more than sexual intercourse. In this case, an escort spends time with a client, keeps them company, goes on dates with him, and more

Costumes and role play

A perfect costume play begins with the right clothes but always ends with good sex. If this is what is on your mind, we have girls who would love to dress up as your fantasy and give you her ass to fuck. What makes costume play even more fun is the fact that both parties know their role and can improvise on a situation. Whatever happens, if it does not end up in wild sex, it is not what you need. This is why you should be hiring our expert girls to role play your fantasies., The use of various costumes and roles to portray different scenarios that the escort and client agree upon beforehand. These costumes may include a slutty nurse, French maid, policewoman, or something else. Both client and an escort play their roles in a sensual and sexy manner.

Cougar escort

An escort that is usually older than 40. Cougar escorts are fit, have stunning bodies, and their libido is high, thus offering unbelievable sexual satisfaction to their clients.


Yet another term for a high-class escort, a sophisticated and glamorous woman


There is something crazy, hot and fun about couples getting involved with other couples. The sex gets rediscovered, the moves are changed and the passion freely flows. This kink is one fantasy that is hard to fulfil but that is unless you hire our services. We have the right kind of girls who would love to make love to a couple. These girls have a set of moves that you have never experienced and with her in your bed, you are going to love each and every second of her time.

Couples escort

An escort that provides her services to couples primarily and she engages in sexual activities with a male and female partner


Dining at the Y i.e. performing oral sex on a woman with her legs spread. Have you ever imagined how it is to dine at the Y? DATY is an act of pleasure where the girl is at the receiving end. The gentleman goes down on the lady with his tongue first. DATY gives the man an opportunity to satisfy a lady while she serves him a watery, cummy buffet between her legs. DATY is an art that not many men excel at but if you think you are a skilled sucker of the pussy, let our girls be the judge.

Deep Throat BJ

Pussy is not the only place that deserves your big cock. Her mouth is equally good and should be used to satisfy your needs. Let her have your dick and suck every bit of it. Once she is done with her little drama with your cock, it is your turn to tell her how the big men like it. Push your cock harder into her mouth. Let her throat feel the head of your penis while you penetrate deeper. Let her rejoice with pain and pleasure as you give her a Deep Throat BJ and facefucking to remember. Make her beg for mercy, turn her into your slut, she has been a naughty girl and she deserves it.


If you are a tongue person, you are definitely in for a treat which is known as DFK or deep French kissing. DFK involves French kissing in the most passionate way. It builds a connection between bodies like no other thing. Men who know their DFK game know how hard it can be to find a girl who rejoices in such a connection. This is why our agency takes pride in providing escorts who would love to provide you with deep French kissing.

Erotic sensual massage

The days are hard and we understand. The life is not always on the upside and that is why every once in a while, we recommend hiring one of our top escorts to give you the most erotic sensual massage. These massages are sure to lift your mood and dick. Let our girl take the lead and treat you with the best erotic massages. Feel her soft hands, long legs and beautiful lips on your body and rejoice with pleasure as she satisfies you.

Dinner date

Having a dinner date with an escort, one of the most popular activities among clients. A dinner date is an excellent opportunity to have company in the form of a stunning escort taking you to some of the best restaurants.

Dinner companion

Irrespective of the kind of kinky stuff you are in, we have the perfect dinner companion for you. We are not talking about vanilla sex, we are talking stuff that is exotic, rare and kinky as hell. We are talking about dinner companions who are naughty and are at the top of their game. With us, you can find the best escort for all needs. Right from voyeurism to big tit MILFS, we are talking about ladies that would love to do stuff that is usually not appropriate at a dinner table.


A service that includes two escorts meeting a client. What every man dreams of is having sex with two smoking hot escorts at the same time.

Double penetration (DP)

A sexual act wherein an escort’s vagina and anus are penetrated at the same time. Double penetration may include one client and a dildo or two clients penetrating an escort simultaneously.

Doggy style

There is hardly anything better than turning a beautiful, hot woman into a bitch and fucking her like a dog. The view of her bare ass, her back, and her neck is mesmerising and to make things even better, you slide your penis into her wet pussy and make her cry like your little bitch. To make it wilder and hotter, gently pull her hair, fuck her harder and push your penis deeper. She is going to enjoy every single inch of your big dick and thank you for not being polite on her hot body.

Erotic stories

Client shares or discusses erotic or sexual and naughty stories with an escort. Escorts are eager to hear everything you have to say and they have plenty of stories too


Outcall service that includes stunning women providing companionship to the client. The companionship can be in many forms including sexual encounters or spending time with them. The terms of the encounter are discussed and agreed upon beforehand. In most cases, clients book escorts for sexual services.

Escorts for couples

Escorts that mainly provide their services to couples. You can find many bisexual escorts on Hush Escorts website and book them.

Escort doubles

A service at Hush Escorts agency that you can book and get to have fun with two stunning escorts. This service can include striptease, lesbian acts, or something else.

Escorts for threesomes

A service where an escort meets with two clients to engage in a male-female-male threesome or female-male-female (for couples) threesome. Not all escorts provide this service, which is why it’s important to discuss this when you contact the Hush Escorts agency.

Exotic massage

Sexual massage provided by an escort from exotic ethnicity


Have you ever unloaded your cum on a beautiful face? If you haven’t, Facial is what it is called and it is one thing that can make your senses rejoice with happiness and satisfaction. Watching your cum run down the face of a beautiful woman is highly orgasmic; and if the women enjoy it too, like girls working with our agency, the fun just doubles up. The moans she makes as the cum trickles down her eyes, nose, lips, chin, and neck, is going to make you feel crazy like you have never felt before, ever.

Fantasy service

Exploring sexual fantasies with an escort, bringing your favorite sexual fantasies to life. Make sure to discuss the specifics beforehand.


Fetish is a kink that is hard to satisfy. You just can never have enough of it. Irrespective of what you are into, we have a solution for every need. Whether it be spitting in your mouth, a golden shower or sucking high heels of a sexy, hot woman, we have you covered. Our professionally trained models and escorts can take care of all your needs and satisfy your senses to the core. They can turn your dream into a hardcore reality and an experience that you will never forget.

Fetish escort

A service that appeals to clients’ specific fetishes that don’t usually belong to “standard” intercourse. Fetishes vary from one person to another. A good example is a foot fetish. Contact Hush Escorts agency to get informed about escorts that provide services that appeal to your fetish.

Foot fetish

Not many men know how beautiful and precious the feet of a beautiful woman are. If you are one of these lucky men, you would definitely love to suck on some beautiful toes, feel a pair of soft feet on your chest, tongue, and dick and you would definitely not mind serving as a footstool and foot mat of a hot lady. Well, if you wish to live all these fantasies, we would recommend hiring one of our top models with beautiful feet, soft soles and ideas to make your foot fetish experience an exotic one.


Female-female-male i.e. a scenario where a sexual act includes one male and two bisexual females

Full body massage

A service where an escort provides massage to a client from head to toe

Full oil massage

Oil, if used correctly, can be sensuous, hot and sexy. You just need to know the right style and quantity to turn a normal massage into an erotic full oil massage. Our girls have gathered the experience and skill to provide you with exactly a highly satisfying full oil massage. The girls have soft hands that will make you hard and by the time they reach your dick to massage the cum out of it, you will already be in the most comfortable place.

Full service

Full sexual intercourse


The muffled sound a girl makes when you enter her is hot and we cannot agree more. The fun part of gagging is not just the moaning, but also the fact that the girl you are fucking has surrendered to your manliness and is willing to do anything to make you happy. This servitude is a big turn on and if you are yet to experience it, why not try it with one of out obedient girls who just love to be gagged and fucked like crazy bitches?


A GFE or a Girl Friend Experience is an amazing concept that promises the no strings attached sex by an escort with the craziness that you experience when you are in love. This means that the girl you are hiring is not just going to suck on your dick and fuck your brains, she is going to do it in the most romantic way. Plus, you get to spoil her, pamper her, treat her like your own girl and in return get the same treatment.

Girlfriend experience

A service provided by Hush Escorts where an escort provides more than just sex. Girlfriend experience includes personal and intimate interaction or romance. Contact Hush Escorts to discuss specifics such as expectations and preferences regarding girlfriend experience.


Anal sex. People say Greek is overrated, we say that they haven’t tried it yet. Only an experienced man would call Greek an overrated experience. Men who have gone Greek know that a different kind of satisfaction and fun lies down that road. The pain and pleasure of going Greek is something that cannot be explained. It is heavenly, in fact, clients sometimes call it an understatement. It is definitely more than ‘heavenly’.

Happy ending

Some of us love to have a silent after-party in the pants after a wild sex session and if you are a fan of a happy ending, you find a different kind of happiness in this after-party. The animalistic sex satisfies hunger but it is a happy ending that satisfies the heart. There is something unexplainable that kicks in when the girl you have been fucking like crazy settles down beside you and starts the happy ending by putting her soft lips on your lips, her bare hands on your dick or her arms around you. These pretty, cute things bring a broad smile on your face and this is what gives you a satisfying closure.


If you love the idea of letting a girl hold your dick and stroke it in the best way possible, we have escorts who would love to do it. These girls are known to give killer handjobs. They are pretty, know the right things to say and love to stroke giant shafts to satisfaction. They just cannot wait to hold your big dick in their hands and shower their love on it. They can even make it special by taking instructions and feedback from you and turn it into an experience that would tremble your limbs.


Kissing is a way to interact with another soul in a way that is more than a body. When we kiss, we not only exchange the emotions, we share a bond that is highly affectionate. If you are a believer of Kissing and Nirvana of a different kind, we would be more than happy to help. Not everyone is a good kisser and if a person of your taste does not get a good kiss in return, the whole package seems like a rip-off. We take this seriously and we like to deliver an experience that is satisfying and above your expectations.

Light bondage

You have seen and imagined everything bondage and now it’s time to perform it. Well, you would want to start off with light bondage sessions so that you can understand what turns you on and what you want. These sessions will help you in deciding if bondage is a kink that you should be exploring and preparing you to get into the hands of hardcore mistresses later on. Your body needs some treatment before it can face the whip and this light bondage session will help you start your training.

Light spanking

While it looks easy at first, spanking can be painful. That being said, the satisfaction and happiness that a sweet session of spanking can bring are unmatched. If you are just starting out your exploration on the kink front, a light spanking session is what you need in your life. It will help you understand what a good spanking session needs and prepare for the whips and paddles by the high-class mistresses at a later stage.


Having an encounter with an escort in a hotel room she booked or her apartment

International travel

Having an escort accompany you on a trip out of the country


Have you ever felt the soft hands of a beautiful lady on your bare back, chest, thighs, and dick? A massage is a perfect way to relax and let a girl give you a perfect orgasm after a rough day. Not only does a massage mean that you get to regenerate your mood, but it also allows you to sit back, forget about the performance and just enjoy as a pair of soft hands caress your body and play with your manhood.


A threesome is definitely hot but what is hotter is letting the girls enjoy themselves while you watch and jerk off to their beauty. Let women be what they are good at – being wild and beautiful and you, for a moment, take the back seat and feast on the visual experience of watching 2 hot bodies engaged in animalistic sex. If this is an experience that you would love to have, give us a call and we would arrange the hottest beauties for your pleasure.


Male-female-female (bisexual women)

MFM threesome

Male-female-male threesome usually comes with additional costs

MILF experience

Mother I Like to Fuck – A lot of young men feel attracted to older women. Why? That is how our crazy brain works. Also, the fact that an older woman knows what she wants makes sure that the guys do not have to ‘guess’ and meet the needs of the girl.

This is why every young male has the hots for a woman older than him. You can hire a MILF Sydney escort and experience a different kind of satisfaction. Let her dominate you, teach you moves, give you directions and tell you how to make a woman happy. You will love how she enters your brain and feeds you with hot knowledge that you cannot ignore.

MMF threesome

Male-male-female threesome (males are bisexual)


Multiple shots on goal i.e. unlimited sex and orgasms during the “session”

Multiple positions

Kamasutra says that there are more than a hundred ways to fuck and we bet you are yet to try multiple positions in a single night. Different positions stimulate the body and the mind in different ways. Some positions are highly orgasmic for the men while others do the same for women. With each position, you discover something new about yourself and your body and if you ask us, this is the best part about multiple positions. Let our girls help you rediscover yourself and change your opinion of some not-so-famous sex positions.

Mutual French

Also known as 69 i.e. when a male and female are giving oral sex to one another at the same time

Mutual natural oral

What do you do when she asks you for your dick? You let her suck it. Do you return the favour? Totally up to you. But, if you are a man who has a taste in ending things in a mutually natural oral, you would probably like to maintain a balance between your give and take relationship. A mutual natural oral turn on several men and if you are one of those, you would probably want to check out our escorts who would love to be a part of a mutual natural oral.

Natural French

Mutual French without a condom, not all escorts provide this service. Natural French comes with additional costs.

Natural oral

Oral sex without a condom includes additional costs. We love spontaneous and natural situations that lead to sex and if the situations lead to natural oral, there is nothing better and satisfying. We believe that you share the same feeling with us. Therefore, we would gladly like to introduce you to our high-end escorts who love to be a part of such fantasies. These girls are professional and can make any situation turn in your favour and lead to a natural oral.


An escort that visits a client in his hotel room or apartment

Overnight stays

Sometimes, you need more than hours, you need a full night to satisfy your desires and calm your kinky demons. This is why you need escorts who can do overnight stays and be a part of all your wild fantasies. These escorts give you a chance to do all you have been waiting to do and shower all your sexual energies on her. We are known to provide services that are exactly what you need – overnight stay with a hot woman and satisfying all your kinky demons.

Party girl escort

An escort that loves to party all night and sexually pleases a client

Pearl necklace

Ejaculation on an escort’s breasts. Pearls are an expensive gift but a pearl necklace is the most exotic gift that you can give her. Treat her the way she is meant to be. Ejaculate your pearls on her neck and create the pearl necklace she has been waiting for. Shower your cum on her throat, her neck, shoulder, and her beautiful breasts. Let her feel the warmth of your cum and let her rejoice in your dick juice. She loves it and she could take a lot more. The question is; how many pearls can you create?

Private escort

Making all arrangements with escorts directly


Have you ever wondered what it is like to fuck a porn star? Or how does being with a porn star feels like? Well, if you have been willing to have a PSE or a porn star experience, we have some good news. We have been able to convince some established top models and stars from the adult entertainment industry to provide an experience of a lifetime to our clients. This means that not only do you get a chance to spend time with a porn star, but you also get to fuck a porn star and get the same in return. Porn star experience i.e. reenacting scenes or sex acts from pornographic movies usually includes hardcore sexual activities. PSE is performed with a condom. When you contact Hush Escorts, make sure to discuss specifics.


Licking the butthole and area around is just so arousing. While you may not be totally interested in inserting your tongue in her ass, if you are even a little bit interested in sniffing, kissing and licking the outer region of her butthole, we would recommend checking out our girls. They are well maintained, clean shaved and healthy girls who would love to feel your tongue in the right places. Pro Tip: clockwise movement in the northern hemisphere and anti-clockwise movement in the southern hemisphere works perfectly well for everyone.

Rimming – On me

So, you have heard a lot about rimming and probably checked out websites that tell how it feels to receive good rimming. But, if you have not been able to find a partner who would do it to you, we have a section of girls you might be interested in. We are not talking about amateur women who have no idea what they are doing, we are talking about pro models who know where you like the tongue and where should the pressure be pointed. Are you in for a different kind of experience?


Roleplay is one way to spice things up. Get into uniforms and play characters that are hot and sexy. Imagine and create situations that lead to sex and unleash the animal in you. School teacher-student, doctor, pizza delivery guy, taxi driver, strangers, people from another planet – do whatever pleases you and we promise that our girls are going to be a part of it wholeheartedly. They are going to fuck you like a porn star and you are going to absolutely love them.

Sex toys

The use of toys such as vibrators or dildos during sexual intercourse. Escorts bring their sex toys, which is why it’s important to specify what you want beforehand.


She has been a bad girl and she should be punished. Why don’t you lift her skirt and finger her? Or maybe make her remove her clothes and fuck her in different positions? That will definitely teach her a lesson. She should be disciplined and you being her teacher should be doing it. Her pussy and her ass must be punished for dressing slutty and flirting with you and other boys of the class. She deserves to be fucked and spanked for her bad behavior.

Sex toys

If you fail to find pleasure in vanilla sex, it is time to take a step ahead and involve sex toys in the play. Sex toys are meant to enhance the pleasure and if you have a perfect partner who knows exactly how to make use of the sex toys, in different, creative ways, you have an opportunity to change your sex life forever. Thankfully, our girls have mastered the art of using all sorts of sex toys for mutual pleasure. They know what goes where and how you can have the best time with their favourite toys.

Sexy lingerie

She looks beautiful when she wears sexy lingerie. Not just beautiful, she looks powerful and divine. She excites you, makes you hard and invites you to do things that are anything but humble. She wants you to fuck her and make her happy. She wants you to take her pussy and her ass and tell her that you own her. The sexy lingerie she is wearing is an invitation for you to get ready to feast upon her beautiful body and enjoy her while she is with you.

Sexy shower for 2

Pull her closer, caress her body, watch how water trickles down on her perfect body, play with her, bend her, fuck her in the pussy, or finger her; let her play with your dick, let her milk you. Lead the deed or let her take the charge. Play with her boobs, suck them, suck them hard, make her moan and cry and rejoice every time she shouts your name while the water makes her wet. You are going to love each and every moment you spend in the shower, with her and above her.

Social escort

If you are looking for a top model who could accompany you to a social event and be confident and look classy, we have the perfect girls for you. These girls are trained, well-behaved and high-class escorts who have a proven history of serving as a social escort to young and old businessmen and politicians. These women know what you want and deliver as per the expectations. They can play the role of a sophisticated lady during the day but when the sun goes down and you take them back to your hotel room, they will do the dirty stuff that you would love.

Spanking – On you

Well, well, you have been a bad boy and the girl knows what should be done to a bad boy like you. She knows her weapons and knows how to use them on you to give you pleasure and pain. She is going to rejoice every moment and every bruise she leaves on your bare ass. She is hot, sexy and too mean to care for you. All she wants is your ass, her favourite paddle and some time to rip your ass apart, just the way you would like it to be.

Strap on

Do you know what is better than a dick? A dick and a strap on working on a girl at the same time. Or, maybe being creative and putting your imagination into play. Whatever it may be, involving a strap on in the mix is just going to spice everything up. You could fuck her in the pussy while her the strap on clogs her butt or go Greek on her and push the strap on in her pussy. Place it over your mouth and dive into her pussy, or just watch her play with a fake dick in which you satisfy your voyeurism.

Strap on – on you

A man has several tastes and letting a girl dominate him willfully is just another way to keep himself entertained. There is nothing wrong with asking a girl to wear a strap on and fuck you in the anal. That is hot and we totally agree. With us, you get to take this to a new level? How? When you hire one of our girls, you get a fully trained professional escort who knows what you want and for how long you want it. She would gladly fuck you in the ass, make you lick her made up dick and turn you into a sissy on request that loves to fulfill his mistress’s choices.

Social companion

An escort that accompanies a client to social events and special occasions

Spanish service

Having fun with big breasts usually culminates with a pearl necklace


Jazz, pop or rhythm, whatever be your preference, our girls can dance and strip to any song you want. They have hot bodies and they have the sexy moves to make you go crazy and all charged up before getting totally naked right in front of you. They set a standard of striptease that no other girl can beat and when we say you are going to love it, trust us, you are going to have the hardest erection of your life; and our girls know exactly how to treat a hard erection.