Affectionate cuddling

There are times when you just don’t feel like going in with full force. You just want to lay down in the bed with a hot woman and forget about the world and the problems in it. You just wish to take the back seat, feel her body against yours and affectionately get lost in her arms. The power of affectionate cuddling is more than one can imagine and only the people who have been a part of one or more cuddling sessions know exactly how it feels to be in the arms of a beautiful woman who cares for you.

There is no better way to relax than be a part of a session full of affectionate kissing and caressing. A beautiful, hot woman touching your body, pressing her breast against you and slowly and affectionately kissing your lips, cheeks, nose and what not. All of it just for your pleasure. Affectionate kissing is done right only when the woman involved knows what you want from her. Thankfully, we have escorts who can deliver exactly what you wish to have – lots of kisses and lots of love.

If you are into anal action, we have the best escorts for you. No matter whether you like to take it in the ass or fuck a woman in the ass, we have a woman for every man’s need. Our women love anal play and they would be glad to be a part of your fantasy. They are comfortable talking about it and discussing it thoroughly before going through it. Many clients ask us for anal play and power reversal and we have never let them down.

Do you think you can handle the power of a boss lady? Do you have the skills and endurance to satisfy your woman and her big sex toys? Well, if you think you are a game for it, let the big girls take care of your ass and let them have fun. These girls love to peg the big men like you. They do it with pleasure and they do it in style. You won’t be able to resist them and you will be begging for more.

Anal play is a big turn on for many men. First, the experience of fucking a woman in the ass is altogether different and second, not many women can withstand a hard dick entering their ass. If you are a man looking for an escort that can be a part of your wild anal play games, we have some girls that would love to visit you. These girls are trained professionals who enjoy a good ass fuck and are always up for a hot anal play.

There is nothing as hot as pulling out of the ass or the pussy at the last momenta and unloading the cum in the woman’s mouth. ATM or Ass to Mouth is an art that not many women have mastered and therefore finding a girl who can do it with confidence is hard to find. Thankfully, since you already found us, you do not need to look elsewhere to find escorts that can do a perfect ATM trick with you. Swallow or spit? Why don’t you discuss this with your escort directly?

Whether you like to be bonded or love to bond your partner, Bondage or B&D is a fun sex game that is a fantasy of many men. There is something oddly satisfying about bondage that not many people understand. This is why we take pride in introducing you to our kinkiest escorts who know exactly the right ways to bond you and then fun you. You can also show off your bondage skills to them and they would happily be in ropes and handcuffs and let you fulfil your fantasies.

There is nothing as hot as a woman sucking on a huge, hard dick and enjoying every inch of it; and if the BJ happens without the condom, the heat raises to a totally different level. This is why every man, at least once in his life time should get a BBBJ from a sexy girl. Our girls are the queens of blowjobs and giving a head is one thing that they love doing. They can satisfy any man with their lips and tongues and when it comes to no-condom blowjobs, there is nothing that can stop them.

Does the Mr. Steele inside you wishes to come out and rule the beautiful women around you with the belts and ropes? Do you love to have a kitten who would do anything just to see you smile? How about we introduce you to women who would dress raunchy, act slutty and behave like an obedient little slave? Would you love it? This is exactly what we deliver when you say BDSM.

The only thing better than fucking one beautiful woman, is fucking two beautiful women. But, what if both the women look exactly the same? Double the beauty, double the sexiness and double the fun. Especially for men who wish to fuck twin siblings, one face with multiple skills, we have twin escorts who would love to meet you in your hotel room.

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