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Sensual Awakenings with Sydney Escort

Sensual  Escorts

The five most basic senses of the human body are the senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste, although if we are to be asked there should be a sixth sense added to the basics, one that involves all sensory systems to function in unison, SENSUAL AWAKENING, and we believe it to be the most powerful among all human senses as it involves every known physical sense.

Sensual is defined as “of or arousing gratification of the senses and physical, especially sexual, pleasure”. If you think about it, it really does makes sense, pun intended, for the meaning of sensual actually represents the arousal of all the basic senses, it’s like this sense is actually the mother lode of all senses, the epitome of all physical sense, the king of all senses. Sensual awakening is about electrifying the senses and making your sensual being come to life. Sensual awareness gives us a feeling of liberation, an exhilaratingly wonderful feeling of freedom and bliss, which all of us need to have and experience regularly.

We are redefining the meaning of the five senses with what we’d like to call the Sensual Awakenings by Hush Escorts.

The Sense of Hearing

The footsteps on the hallway sound familiar, and you hear the unmistakable clicking sound of heels slowly inching its way towards your door. It triggers a feeling of excitement, and your hearts starts to skip a beat, you wonder if those are stilettos or knee high leather boots, and what else is she wearing on top. The door knob starts to turn and you can’t wait to see what pleasant surprise she brings.

The Sense of Sight

You see her entering your door, and she’s a sight to behold. Like an angel sent from heaven to deliver untold pleasures and joy. She flashes the sweetest smile and your heart begins to melt as she walks toward you in the sexiest manner and starts to undress. It’s a vision like no other, her beauty is beyond imagination and you can’t help but thank the heavens for giving you the gift of seeing the most beautiful creature on earth.

The Sense of Smell

As she approaches you a pleasant whiff of perfume envelops the room, and you wonder if this is what heaven smells like. The scent is intoxicating and it entices you to take deep breaths, you’ve never been with a woman who smells as good as this goddess in front of you, and she’s making you want more.

The Sense of Touch

You take her hand and gently touch her beautiful, silky smooth, flawless skin and the way she feels is indescribable, you are beyond words. You run your fingers through her hair, slowly going down to her whole body and you feel a shiver run through your soul.

The Sense of Taste

You start to kiss her and give her gentle licks. Her taste is as sweet as honey and you can’t help but wonder how delicious a woman can be. You run your tongue up and down, like a child licking his favorite ice cream and she starts to melt in your arms and both of you go on with an evening you will never soon forget.