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zz Pump Up Your Stamina for a Night Out with One of Our Escorts

Here at Hush, we present you some of the best and most beautiful escorts Sydney has to offer. Needless to say, our girls are not just beautiful but also energetic and full of energy to provide their clients with an incredible lovemaking experience. If you are planning on getting down and dirty with one of our gorgeous escorts in Sydney, you may want to check up on your stamina for an excellent experience. Here are some great tips to keep up your stamina levels to match our stunning escorts in Sydney.

Never miss leg day!

Work out is a must to enhance your stamina. Our Hush girls hit the gym hard and work out their glutes, and legs extensively to maintain their gorgeous figures. You too can take a leaf from their book and focus more on legs and glutes, the biggest muscles in your bodies. Lifting weights and focusing on exercises such as squats and deadlifts are the best way to get these muscles in shape. Don’t forget your cardio as well! Put your treadmill on an incline and run at full speed to get your heart pumping!

Don’t skip the fats

High testosterone levels are responsible for high levels of stamina in men. If you cut down all fats, you are going to miss out on these good fats that will make your workouts more powerful and your romp times with our escorts Sydney, more pleasurable. Of course, the key word there is ‘good fats’! Instead of reaching for another slice of pizza or deep fried chicken, look for coconut oil, cheese, egg yolks, almonds, avocados, olive oil and peanut butter which are excellent sources of these good fats (i.e. saturated and monounsaturated fats)

Sleep well

If you are preparing for a business trip with the hottest escorts Sydney has to offer, then you need to be well rested for some long, sweaty evening sessions after your meetings. Make sure you sleep enough on the regular so that you are not always exhausted and craving sleep. When you are well rested, you will feel better and be your best charming self when you greet our stunning ladies.

Enhance your diet with super foods

Super foods are the hot new trend these days! Don’t worry, this is not another fad diet but an actual selection of nutrient rich whole foods that can be easily added to your diet. If you are a vegetarian or a standard meat and potatoes guy, you may want to look into including some super foods in your diet for extra nourishment and greater stamina. Bananas, acerola cherries, black beans and mushrooms are the top super foods that can be added to just about any type of diet.

Say no to sugar!

Research has discovered that men’s testosterone levels can drop up to 25% when they ingest too much sugar. This is definitely not good when you have an exciting evening planned with one of our gorgeous bombshells! Instead of reaching for a candy bar, sugary soft drinks and sweet liquors, think about munching on some delicious fruit, unsweetened drinks and clear liquor. While natural sugars that are found in fruit and vegetables are fine, added sugars such as refined white sugar, corn syrup and sucrose are best avoided.

Your good health is imperative for an amazing sexual experience every time you book a Hush girl! So, make sure to follow these tips and to adjust your lifestyle to make sure that your energy levels always stay up and ready for exciting evenings, tantalising dinners and scintillating outings with our stunning beauties.