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Private Dancer: My Erotic Story

My client, Jamie, had mentioned to me in an email before we met for the first time today, that he found lap dancing extremely erotic. He also told me that it was his first time with a Sydney escort. With that in mind, I was ready to put on a very memorable show for him.
After Jamie had showered, I took his hand and led him to sit on the edge of the hotel bed.
“Make yourself comfortable” I purred, flashing him an amorous smile.
With my phone in my hand, I flicked through my music until I found a suitably sexy soundtrack for our playtime and pressed play.
With sexy music gently playing in the background, I slowly walked over to Jamie. I used my right knee to widen the gap between his legs. With my knee resting between his legs, I started to seductively grind to the music. Running my hands through the back of Jamie’s hair, I pulled his head down so his lips could graze my cleavage as my knees gently caressed his already hard cock.
I let my hips guide me out from between his legs, just out of reach. I reached behind my back to release my bra from its clasp and let it drop to the floor. I grin as I hear Jamie groan as I pinch and roll my hard nipples between my fingers and thumbs.
I could feel that I was already getting wet.
I sat on Jamie’s lap and wrapped my legs around his waist, slowly grinding my hips back and forth, rubbing my clit against his hard cock that I could feel under his towel. Jamie greedily licked and sucked on my nipples as I grinded faster, my thong getting wetter by the second.
I slid off Jamie’s lap and dropped to my knees, sliding the towel off him. His dick jumped up, as if begging me to slide it down my throat. I leaned forward, so his dick was encased between my tits. He slid his cock up and down between my breasts. I opened my mouth, allowing his cock to enter my mouth every time it showed itself above my tits, releasing it with a loud wet “pop” every time it left my mouth.
I moaned as Jamie began to thrust harder and faster between my large breasts. I pulled my thong to the side and started to finger myself while Jamie kept grinding between my tits. Just as I started climaxing, Jamie groaned hard and came – his cum spurting over my breasts and in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and licked him clean while still catching my breath from my own orgasm.
“So, how would you like me next?” I grinned, glad to have been his first experience with a high class Sydney escort.