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When it comes to sexual fantasies, having a threesome is at the top of the list for most men. It’s understandable! The only thing better than one stunning woman between the sheets is two. True intimacy is a three-way street… Imagine experiencing pleasure from every angle by two sexy bisexual Sydney escorts? Plus, the reality is that there’s just more you can do with three people: more hands, more mouths, more positions and ultimately, more pleasure.

Five out of five Hush escorts agree that a ménage a trois is something every man should try at least once…

There are times in a man’s life when he needs to be completely fulfilled and pleasure with one woman just isn’t enough.

Maybe you’re feeling stressed and overworked lately? Maybe life has you feeling a little jaded. A hot exciting threesome offers the ultimate jolt to your masculinity. A playdate with two of our bisexual playmates is guaranteed to get back your lust for life. When you leave a Hush threesome escort booking, you will feel totally satisfied, completely energised and like a new man.

Whether you enjoy watching two feminine lingerie-clad ladies erotically caressing each other by candlelight, or you’d prefer to be the centre of attention of two energetic pornstar playmates, allow Hush to curate the threesome of your fantasies.

Of course, you could always hit up Tinder and try to find some willing beauties to join you for a threesome, but the reality is that you’re a busy man and you don’t have the time to waste trying to organise that. Trying to whip up a threesome in real life can be a disappointing, time consuming exercise. Take the stress out of the situation by leaving it to the professionals and letting Hush organise you a mindblowing MFF (male/female/female) that will leave you breathless. Take a look at our Escort Gallery and choose the bisexual babes you’d like to play with, or ask us for recommendations on who plays well together… and we’ll do the rest. No drama, no time wasters – just total uncomplicated sexual gratification for the three of you.

Hush works with the best bisexual escorts in Sydney. You’ll find Hush escorts to be open-minded, erotically intuitive, sexually confident and genuinely bisexual. Unlike a lot of other agencies that offer bisexual couples bookings, Hush female escorts genuinely love women and couples. Their real passion and chemistry together will only add to the heat of the experience for you. Watch as they hungrily stroke, kiss, lick and touch each other, before turning their full attentions to you.

If you’re a couple looking for a bisexual escort to join you – we can help. Our genuinely bisexual escorts love playing with men, women and couples. Maybe your partner wants to explore her bisexual side safely and discretely? Our bisexual escorts would love to show her an overwhelmingly erotic time – while you watch… No matter your fantasy, Hush escorts are versatile, gifted lovers who can slip into any situation.

Don’t let your fantasies stay fantasies. Now is the time to ask for what you want in life without shame. Don’t compromise – experience it all.

Three is the magic number…

True sexual liberation awaits you. Give our reception a call for recommendations on bisexual escorts or to make a booking.

Laura is a gorgeous woman with a smile as beautiful as her body! She works up a sweat at the gym, so she has a toned, lean body with perfect hips and a round, grabbable booty. As a professional dancer, she will be than happy to showcase her talents with an erotic striptease that gives you the best view of her tiny waist and shapely arse, and anything else she cares to show you At an impressive 10C she’s one of our bustiest women. With a figure like hers you know she’s dripping in sex appeal, and luckily for you she’s got an appetite to match the curves. She will happily fulfill your wildest fantasies and leave you begging for more. But the thing we like most about Laura is her friendly and open personality. She’s warm, thoughtful and fun. She’ll guide you through a physical session tailored exactly to your desires!

Laura worked with many of our couples clients, so she’s an expert at devising a session for you and your partner. She can help the two of you explore a little fantasy, or teach you a few new tricks.

Summer is firmly in the category of ‘buxom blonde bombshell’ within the ranks of elite women over here at Hush. She has the creamy blonde hair, sun-kissed skin and grabbable breasts of the women that adorned your walls as a teenage boy.

You don’t have to just daydream about the perfect glamour model using her skills to maximize your pleasure- this gorgeous creature can be knocking on your hotel door any minute.

Megan is a flurry of fun, effervescence, and sexual mischief rolled into a petite, smoking-hot body. Her tight figure is thanks to her dancing, which she’ll be more than happy to demonstrate for you with an erotic, cock-hardening strip-tease. She’s the blonde bombshell who can blend into any social situation and is guaranteed to get you in the mood to party. Megan is incredibly popular and able to converse intelligently on a wide range of subjects, with a wonderful sense of humour to boot.

Megan’s petite figure means she’s the perfect girl to try some new and naughty positions with, and her vivacious, cheeky personality will make it all the more fun. Her lean thighs, pert arse, and luscious D-cup breasts will inspire all sorts of dirty thoughts in even the most chaste men and women. Fabulous at making people feel entirely at ease, she’s the ideal candidate for couples as well.

Megan does have a few artistic tasteful tattoos, removed from photography for privacy reasons.Megan is genuinely bisexual and loves to party

Stephanie is a girl that, after spending some time with, you will have wished time stopped. She is a very sexual being who almost always needs to get off and is always up for a new way of trying to achieve just that.

She has a bubbly personality and is not shy about her sexuality. If she wants to take you right there in the restaurant’s bathroom, she will put her hand down your pants and make sure that you are ready to go. And why wouldn’t you be? This absolutely beautiful 26-year-old has the body of a goddess. Despite her five foot seven inch stature, after following her legs up to her absolutely perfectly round ass, you’ll be convinced she’s a seven foot tall Amazonian. If you don’t get distracted by the time you make it to the breasts, you are in for one of the most perfect pairs of delicious fleshy mounds this earth has ever produced.

If you think that you would like to run your hands along Stephanie’s impossibly soft bottom and bury your head between her perfect breasts, get in touch with her below and see if she’s up for it!

Rachelle is our in-demand hot Latina goddess, newly arrived in Australia from her native Spain. Her caramel skin, flawless figure, and cascading dark hair is exactly what those with a taste for exotic women are looking for. Rachelle is blessed with endless legs and natural pert DD-cup breasts and she floors every client she sees with her beauty and grace, with every one of them clamouring to see her again. She is a rare beauty, made only the more sensual with her irresistible accent and genuinely sweet, innocent nature. Perhaps you would like to learn a little Spanish, share some Australian culture, or simply bask in Rachelle’s warmth and femininity, but you had best call sooner rather than later before someone else gets there first!

Scarlet Gray is a young Highclass Sydney escort with one of the most beautiful faces you will ever see. While she is not the tallest escort here at Hush, following her legs from her ankles all the way up to her hips will have you mesmerized to the point were you forget what you were doing in the first place.

Formerly a model, Scarlet can’t get enough of men. She does not love all men, but the thought of a powerful, interesting and wealthy man gets her panties so wet that she can barely contain herself. While she does enjoy the company of women, she is not one to gossip or pry for information. In that respect, she much more enjoys the company and conversation of men.

If you would like to be the man that keeps Scarlet company, please fill the form below and we will have her get in touch with you at her earliest convenience.

A devastatingly sultry brunette who is as friendly and flirtacious as she is seductive and sensual – Jaquiline Jamieson is rarer than a diamond and far more beautiful than one.

23 years old, a slim size 8 and standing tall at 175cm (with stilettos, although she does prefer to keep them on in the bedroom), Jaquiline has the body of a high fashion model. She has luxuriously long golden hair, full DD breasts that will wow you and a captivating smile that will draw you in. Complimenting Jaquiline’s beauty is her engaging, easy going and fun personality.

From the moment you meet Jaquiline, her mere presence will cause your pulse to quicken. From her beauty to the subtle, yet intentional touches she delivers to your skin, and the passion she exudes during play – Jaquiline’s erotic charisma will ignite something in you that you haven’t experienced in a long time.

While she is very laid back and easy to spend time with, making you feel comfortable from the moment you meet, Jaquiline dresses with an elegance that allows her to fit easily into any social situation, making her the perfect companion for a fine dining dinner date. She will impress you when you are out on the town but even more so when you are alone together in your hotel.

Jaquiline comes as close to perfection as humanly possible and your time with this incredible woman will exceed any typical experience. Jaquiline goes beyond an electric sexual encounter, turning it into that of a rare connection.

Jaquiline offers the ultimate Girlfriend Experience (GFE) – unrushed, attentive and affectionate. Intimacy is a dish best served slow, and you can expect that your time with her will be explored leisurely, leaving you feeling revitalised and pleasantly breathless.

Life is short, time is precious and pleasure is important. Take time out of your busy schedule and indulge yourself in some time with Jaquiline Jamieson.

Ashley is our resident New Zealander and travelers visiting Sydney would particularly appreciate her typically antipodean brand of beach-bunny natural beauty and fun, laid-back charm. She’s an accomplished blend of educated, well-traveled, health conscious, and downright beautiful, plus a dash of pure naughtiness- everything you could hope for in the ideal escort experience.
This elegant, leggy blonde will be an amazing dinner date, companion, or sex-kitten to simply spend a few hours between the sheets with. She brings an upbeat atmosphere with her and her party trick is flawlessly doing the splits in her panties and heels
Ashley gives a tantalizing PSE, loves anal and spanking, and can have multiple orgasms (lucky girl). She also enjoys a bit of creativity in venues, so don’t be afraid to suggest the kitchen or shower, or, for a bit of an exhibitionist buzz, try the balcony…
Ashley receives amazing feedback and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this stunning, charming woman.

Zoe, Zoe, Zoe… a fitting name for a girl who embodies passion. Zoe is a home grown blue eyed blonde with a bust that makes good men weep. Greeting Zoe for the first time is a unique thing- all I could think was, how can someone with the charm and maturity of a well-travelled old soul have the body of a twenty two year old sun kissed goddess? She’s raunchy to boot as well- girlfriend can hold her own in the bedroom. She’ll hold yours too if you ask nicely 😉

Zoe is super fun, very smart, and those beautiful breasts of hers are all natural. All of those elements combined make an incredible dinner date and an even better night-cap companion. Her sexual skills are second to none. What more could we possibly want from a girl? Call us now to book Zoe or forever wonder what earthly delights you’ll have missed out on. One Sydney’s hottest escorts!

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