High Class Perth Escorts

Perth can be considered as Sydney and Melbourne’s little sister, compared to these tourist spot heavyweights this City of Lights is quite small.

But don’t be fooled, Perth packs a mean punch when it comes to world-class offerings and may actually have more attractive secret hideaways than its big sisters! Romantic beaches and hidden virgin coves surround this sun-drenched city, and people who have experienced Perth are raving about how perfect holiday’s are in this heavenly location.

Perth is characterised by sun shiny days and longer nights, excellent beaches, great
food and wine, five star accommodation facilities and a host of recreational activities available both on water or land, the people are friendly and the women are considered the most beautiful in all of Australia.

Currently Hush Escorts does not have any Perth based Escorts however this will be changing shortly. For now, here are a selection of profiles of our Sydney Based Escorts who are happy to travel to meet you in Perth

Where to Entertain a Perth Escort

Perth is a great city to go out on an escort date. Bathed in sunlight almost all year long, the City of Light is an ideal place to enjoy Australia’s best surfing beaches and the multitude of water sports activities that are happening daily on its shores. Swimming, diving, surfing, boating kayaking, wind-sailing, snorkeling, jet and water skiing, yachting, cruising and sport fishing are just a few of what beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts can do in Perth.

Perth packs a big punch when it comes to entertainment with classy bars and cafes lining the waterfronts, music and dance clubs that define the city’s vibrant nightlife, concert and arts venues, sports centers, Michelin rated restaurants and world-class accommodations which all combine to make Perth one of the best destinations for escort dates in Australia.

Entertaining your Escort in Perth is a walk in the park, so to speak. There are numerous places where you can wine and dine, go clubbing and lots of venues to watch some great shows, all offering grand entertainment options for both of you. Below is a list of some must-see places in Perth which will surely make your escort date one of the most memorable ever.

The Perth Arena 

The Perth Arena is said to be the country’s best venue for concerts and sports events and is an iconic structure in Western Australia. Big concert performances from popular local and international music artists and bands (it is said to be Bruce Springsteen’s favorite venue in Australia) are regular features in the arena while some shows, fashion and cultural shows, are also held between schedules. Make sure to check the event schedules so you know when it is best to bring your escort date to The Perth Arena.

The Leederville Hotel

The Leederville is a highly popular joint for trying out local brew and cocktails. Its philosophy of “there’s something for everyone” can be best defined by their offerings on the bar, pool tables and dance floors. Every day is a party day at The Leederville so make sure to join the fun.

The Cheeky Sparrow

Cocktails and brews, brunch and lunch, coffee and buns, pizza, cheese, croquettes, fritters, everything is almost there at The Cheeky Sparrow to make it a great day for you and your Escort so make sure to head off there for some quality fun when in the city.

The Devilles Pad

A 1950’s themed restaurant cum dance hall cum karaoke bar serving great food and beverage, The Devilles Pad is a must try in Perth. Customers are encouraged to come with attires that match the interiors (which also features an erupting volcano). Live bands, burlesques dancers and sideshow comedians provide entertainment which makes the place as lively as the Sunday market, but with much flair

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