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How to prepare for a Perfect 69

The Perfect 69

A lot of people get excited at the thought of a perfect 69. But the truth is that a 69 requires more preparation than any other sex act that you have been a part of.

Moreover, it’s not as easy as you think. Why? Let’s find out.

69 Is Pleasurable and Confusing

Since you are sucking and being sucked at the same time, your brain has a hard time deciding where to concentrate. This is why most of the young men who are new to 69 find themselves helpless and lost in the act. The best tip here is not force anything. If she is sucking your dick, enjoy it and when she takes a break for air or swallowing/spitting your dick juice, return the favour.

69 Means You Have to Exercise

The most popular 69 position involves the woman on the man. While it looks easy, trust me, it isn’t. If she is on the top, she is going to lay her weight on you and if you do not have enough strength to take her body weight, you will be far from pleasant. In case you decide to be on the top, you will be constantly balancing yourself on your arms; this isn’t easy either. That being said, the situation with our models is different. They are trained to give you the pleasure minus the weight exercise.

69 Means A Lot of Juice

Since you will be sucking a lot of privates, be ready to swallow the tasty solution of your spit and your partner’s pre-cum or cum if you can really make her do it. Is it filthy? We don’t think so. But if you are not comfortable with the fact that no matter how hard you try, you are going to swallow some amount of her body fluids

69 Can Be Addictive

We would not be honest if we say that 69 is just a one-time thing. Most men who are lucky enough to find a girl who is ready to do a 69, are always asking for more of 69s. Now, since you have already found Sydney escort services
, we assure you that we will find you a beautiful girl that will love to perform 69 with you. So, this means that all that is left is you being ready to contact us and giving us a call.