The Mile High Club Revisited

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Mile High Club Revisited
Picture: White Jet Ready For Take Off

Overseas business trips require some jet setters like us to endure endless hours of boredom on long haul flights. The old B-movies are so bad it makes you wonder why they even make movies about unbelievably gigantic snakes, the piped-in music are big hits from an alien world and sometimes there’s an occasional obnoxious drunk filling the cabin with crap you don’t even want to hear.

Most of you will admit that sometimes when you’re sitting there your mind wanders off and start fantasizing about what you can do to make these flights more interesting, perhaps a good bottle of champagne, a gourmet meal, 50 shades of Grey on the screen, a beautiful young woman by your side…and that’s it! You’ve finally figured out the best entertainment package possible on a long extremely boring flight, joining the mile high club!

Most men who travel a lot probably have had wild imaginings of joining this elite mile high club while some of course have had the pleasure of becoming regular members, frequent flyers who know how to make their trips extremely satisfying. If you still haven’t tried joining the club then you are missing out on one of the most exciting and interesting things you can and should do on a long-haul journey.

The best thing with a business trip is that it gives you an opportunity to seek out, choose and have a great travel escort by your side. A seductive young lady who would not mind giving you immense pleasures at 20,000 feet, someone who’s carry-on baggage is full of kinks and wild surprises. Imagine something like this:

You’re scheduled to go on a business trip which would require you to go through eight to ten hours of flight to get to your destination. Prior to the scheduled departure you arranged for a travel escort to accompany you on the flight (and of course, still be with you throughout your stay in that place, but that’s another story) so you meet her up at the airport and both of you go through the usual airport hassles together, which is already better than just being alone waiting in line until you get the necessary clearances. You both board the plane and the real fun begins while the plane starts taxiing on the runway.

She looks at you in the most seductive manner and smiles like she knows there’s something you want and you can’t wait. As the plane slowly climbs up she puts her hand on your leg and gently rubs it looking innocent while you speak. When the plane reaches altitude the she takes off your seat belt and calls the stewardess for some drinks and a blanket as she pretends to get cold. She covers both your bodies with it and while drinking she starts to give you a hand job, after a short while she slips under the blanket and gives you the most awesome blow job at 30,000 feet. She makes you cum and swallows all of it up and giggles at you when she gets back up. After a few more drinks and a good rest she gestures you to follow her in the bathroom. When you get there she’s already playing with herself, locks the door behind you and welcomes you to the exclusive mile high club!

That’s how long flights should be! Contact us now and we guarantee our Sydney escorts will make your mile high dreams come true!




Madison Ashley

Madison Ashley

Madison is easily one of Sydney, Australia's most sought after luxury escorts. Her years in keeping men entertained have lead to a knowledge and skill set that is unparalleled in the industry. Follow her on Twitter and Google+

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