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Most Popular Women’s Fantasies

Men are more likely to talk about their sexual fantasies than women. However, that doesn’t mean women have no sexual fantasies whatsoever. Most women prefer keeping those fantasies to themselves. Although it’s perfectly okay to keep quiet on this subject if your girlfriend or wife decides to share her fantasies you could be in for the best sexual experience of your life. At the same time, many women would love their men to please them and provide amazing satisfaction, but it’s difficult for guys not to know what they like. That’s where Sydney escorts step in. Our Sydney outcall escorts know what women like and will help you learn how to give them the best orgasm they’ve ever experienced. So, here are the most popular women’s fantasies you should know about.

Group sex

Men aren’t the only ones who love group sex, women can fantasize about it too. In fact, group sex is one of the most popular fantasies among ladies. Some women fantasize about group sex with many men. Others love to daydream about group sex with plenty of other ladies. Thinking about group sex makes women feel powerful and sexy. You can turn these fantasies into reality with swingers’ parties or with escorts. But make sure your significant other feels safe and comfortable to share these fantasies with you. Remember, there’s no judging when it comes to sexual fantasies!


Almost every guy wants to be an alpha male in bed and he likes to dominate the girl. But you need to keep in mind that women love to dominate as well. Girls can be bossy and they love pulling the strings in bed, so you may want to consider changing your sex routine. Allow her to do what she wants or finds hot and you just sit or lie back and enjoy. Isn’t that super hot?

Being dominated

Besides being dominant, women also fantasise about being dominated. If your significant other is usually the dominant woman, there comes the time she wants you to take control in the bedroom. Or your submissive lover would want you to step up your role of a dominant person. It’s useful to discuss these things with your girlfriend or wife to see how far you’d like to go. Handcuffs, spanking, options are endless here.

Sex with another woman

Many women fantasise about sex with other women. This woman could be her favorite celebrity, a coworker, just about any girl she fancies. You can also notice your significant other could want to have sex with another woman by her reaction when you’re watching porn. Does she get aroused when she sees a super hot and naked girl and is completely uninterested in the guy? You could suggest she has sex with an Escort in Sydney or, better yet, you join them.

Being a stripper

Even the timidest woman has a wild side she doesn’t want anyone to see. Some women fantasise about being strippers and taking their clothes off while dancing seductively. If this is your woman’s fantasy, you can crank up sexy music and allow her to let her inner stripper shine.