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Men’s Ultimate Fantasy Escort

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Men are born with eyes that appreciate works of art, eyes that admire the most beautiful wonders of nature and heaven’s most perfect creations. No, those weren’t meant literally but figuratively, pun intended, we’re talking about women and how men see them as goddesses, giving them the greatest value and elevating them to a very special pedestal of pleasurable contemplation and desire.

Appreciation of beauty is an inherent trait among men. Ask men about their ultimate fantasy and they will never run out of things to say about the qualities they desire most in women. Tall, petite, slender, plump, dark, white, brown, bronze, blond, brunette, small, medium, large, are just some of the most common descriptions you will hear from men about their ideal ultimate fantasy girls.

We’ve listed down some of the most popular descriptions men give when asked about their ultimate fantasy escorts:

Tall and Slender

There’s always something about tall women that catches everyone’s eyes, be it in a room full of people or at the busy streets downtown, tall women truly stand out without even trying. Tall and slender women with long beautiful legs are one of the ultimate supermodel escort fantasies that men go crazy for.

Sexual factor: Tall women are great sexual partners. Those long legs can easily wrap around your waist or can be a sight to behold when they bend over and spread wide. Long slender bodies are more flexible and can be exhilaratingly fun to play with when you try out different positions only tall women are capable of.

Petite and Slim

Petites are women who are bombs in small packages. They are cute, doll-like and most of the time more confident than women who are taller. What they lack in size they make up for cuteness no one can resist, besides, petite girls usually sport proportional bodies which can be a big turn on for men.

Sexual factor: Some people say petites are usually wilder in bed, they can be easily carried if you want to do it standing up, they’re very light when they’re on top, and their perfect little bodies are best when they kneel in front of you and take your cock in those tiny little mouths.

Voluptuous Maidens

Voluptuous vixens are one of the most attractive, usually having large hips and boobs that drive men wild. Bigger is definitely better when it comes to these women. They are an all-in-one package with all the desirable qualities wrapped in their plump and inviting bodies.

Sexual Factor

If you prefer a lot of cuddling while fucking then voluptuous women are ideal for you. They are very huggable, soft bodied, and are said to be wetter when turned on.