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Meet You at the Airport

I’m a very busy man and my line of work brings me to different countries and regions most will never see nor experience. It is a high pressure job where millions of dollars in contracts can be lost if I make a huge blunder, which is also the reason why I’m always stressed out and need great comfort whenever I find precious little time to allow myself to unwind.

I’m a jet-setter based in the United Kingdom and my company has business interests in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. Most of the time I work 16 hour days, with deadlines and deals continuously flowing wherever I turn, it is definitely a high-pressure job most would actually find difficult to maintain. To let off steam, I sometimes head off to the gym below my office for a few minutes or just put on the sneakers I have in my car and just hit the road running like mad. I also like to party but the job has hindered me to go to real ones, parties to me were redefined to spending time in a bar, alone, drinking. This is my routine, my life until I’ve met this girl during one of my overseas trips.

Sydney has become my favourite destination after I’ve met an escort named Isabel, a Latina with Asian origins who work for one of the top escort agencies in the city (a good friend’s recommendation, actually). I’ve heard of Sydney escorts being the best in the world but it never once crossed my imagination that I’d be dating one soon, and boy, did I wish I had done it sooner! Isabel is a goddess and she did not disappoint.

From the moment she entered my hotel room, I knew I would be hooked. Her smile was the sweetest and sultriest of all, her face is that of an angel and her curvaceous body is what most men would actually die for. It was like a fantasy, like a dream come true and I almost wept in pure joy and ecstasy. She was so sensual and sweet, willing to go the extra distance to satisfy me and my carnal desires. We cuddled and talked for a long time after that, and for once I had the again felt what it was like to have someone by my side, someone who knows what I need, without any emotional attachment or commitment, just purely sexual and it felt so good. It was a wildly satisfying night I will never forget.

I’ll travel to you Isabel, even if it means I will have to move some of my schedules just to find time to be with you in Sydney where all I can say. Maybe next time I’ll meet you at the airport and maybe we can spend more time together when I am in the city. Who knows, I just might even move my base in Sydney where I found what I needed to feel so alive. I will certainly come back for more…