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Lingerie is the answer

Sometimes, some beautiful lingerie is the answer! If you are on the lookout for some hot and sexy lingerie for a lovely lady in your life, then you need to be careful as to pick the right one. Our Sydney escorts are pros at picking the perfect lingerie and rocking it!

So, we decided to get their advice to help settle all of your uncertainties such as size, colour, type, and preferences. So, check out these ideas on choosing beautiful lingerie and enjoy the rewards from a very happy lady.

When in doubt, reach for the black!

Black is classic in and out of the bedroom. If you are a novice at picking ladies’ lingerie, go with black as it is as safe and as flattering as it can get! Every one of our beautiful Sydney escorts has at least one piece of black lingerie in her collection. Black can be sophisticated, sexy and mysterious, all at the same time. In reality, no woman can get enough of black lingerie. Look for black silk, satin or lace. Top tip from one of our escorts: silk is the best choice you can make!

Red hot lingerie can do no wrong!

Every woman has that one perfect shade of red that can instantly transform her into a sexy siren! Of course, take note that red is a bold and bright choice of color and not everyone may like it. So, look into what your lady loves and go with a beautiful red piece to bring out the vixen in her. If your lady isn’t into full-on red lingerie, you can get her something with beautiful red accents that will still have an amazing effect.

White can work wonders!

White is a bit of a risky move but when done right, it can make any woman look like a flawless, sexy angel. Pick a shade of white that works perfectly with your lady’s skin tone and you can find just the right lingerie to accentuate her beautiful curves. Take note that some white lingerie, especially those made with cheap fabrics, may end up looking tacky. Of course, you can do no wrong with a beautiful piece in a quality lace! If you are unsure of what to choose, you can go with a gorgeous white silk kimono or a robe and a pair of silk panties.

Get kinky with leather

If you and your lady love to get a bit kinky every now and then, a couple of sexy pieces in leather just might get her in the mood! Themed outfits, latex bondage gear, and sexy leather costumes are all fair games for those of you who love to get kinky every now and then.

Top tip from our high class escorts in Sydney: Buy for her first!

If you purchase a lingerie gift, motivated only by your preferences, your lady may not always like it! So, think about what she likes, what part of her she loves to show off and proud of and buy lingerie depending on that. You can always take her to a high end boutique and allow her to take her pick for an arousing experience that will be just as sexy as trying on the lingerie later on!