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Let’s call it Sharing

We all have that special buddy or best friend who knows everything about us including our deepest, darkest fantasies and desires. We go out for wild nights in town and share every experience together, so why not take it up a notch and make it even more special? How about sharing a woman for one wild night?

This has got to be one of the wildest and most exhilarating sexual encounters best friends could ever experience, a tag team they will never ever forget! There are women out there willing to take on your fantasies and this could easily become a reality should you and your friend decide to give it a go.

Our Sydney escorts are masters of the art of pleasure, beautiful women who are willing to give in to your desires.

A wild threesome with two horny men also excites them and they get turned on just by the thought of being fucked and shared by real men. Just imagine how the threesome scenario would play out; you pick up your friend for a night of wild fun at the different bars in town, after a few rounds of your favourite brew you tell your friend that both of you need to go to this hotel to meet up with somebody, leaving some of the juicy details to yourself.

Once both of you arrive at the hotel you go straight to a room which has been previously arranged and you ask your friend to be the one to open the door. Inside lying in bed is the most beautiful and sexiest woman the two of you have ever seen! Wearing lingerie that leaves nothing to the imagination, she gestures both of you to come in.

As you approach the side of the bed she pulls your friend toward her, unzips his pants and starts blowing him away. Both of you are stunned by this wild display of pure lust, a young, and gorgeous maiden offering herself, opening herself up to give unimaginable pleasure.

She gestures for you to stand beside your friend and tells you to bring your dick out so she can suck it too and she sucks both of you back and forth until you just can’t hold it anymore. She pulls your friend to the bed and she pulls up her ass in front of you, her wet pussy inviting you to come in. as you thrust your dick hard inside of her she lets out a gentle scream, and she continues to suck your friend as you do her from behind. After a while she slowly pushes you away, sits on top of your friend and fucks him cowgirl style, then she tells you to fuck her ass, double penetration, a first for you and your friend!

This is how wild things will get once you are with one of the best escorts in Sydney. So go tell your friend “let’s share” and set fire to the night!