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Is Penis Size Really That Important?

Some say the size matters whereas other people claim it doesn’t. The truth is that every guy has tried to answer this question at some point in his life. The biggest problem for most guys is that they observe this issue from the surface, without considering different aspects, facts, and deeper insights. The truth is there is no specific single answer to this question, although we’d like there to be one. The question itself is subjective meaning the answer may vary from one person to another. In this post, we’re going to go through different aspects that will help you understand this subject.


At the very beginning, it’s important to understand it’s not really about the penis size only. It’s also about the experience. While this may seem so cliché, it’s the truth. Size isn’t the only thing that matters, but what you can do with your penis. Can you give your significant other an orgasm? Do you have a satisfactory sex life? What is the quality of experience you’re capable of giving your partner? Answer these questions and you’ll get a closer insight into your sexual prowess and penis size and whether it’s satisfactory to you or not. Quality of relationship also matters. You see, if your relationship is unhealthy, the number of inches in your penis doesn’t really matter.

Woman’s physiology and anatomy

When we’re talking about this subject it’s also useful to address women’s anatomy. Most guys don’t know much about it, despite thinking they do. You see, the vagina is elastic and it can adapt in shape and accommodate anything including tampons, penises, and a baby even. That being said, the vagina is not always big enough to accommodate a baby, it expands that much only during delivery. Why are we talking about this, you wonder? Well, under normal circumstances the average vaginal canal is 2.5” to 3” long, and elongates to 4” or 6” when aroused. In other words, the vagina becomes deep as the object that’s penetrated inside it. That means any size of the penis can fill up a vagina because it accommodates your manhood. Additionally, only 2” to 4” of vagina are most sensitive. They are responsible for the greatest deal of a woman’s sexual stimulation. So, regardless of the size of your penis you can still stimulate all her sensitive regions and induce orgasm if your performance is up to the task.

Power of perception

The most interesting part here is that we are only worried about the size of a penis and debate whether it’s okay or not. We don’t really talk about the size of our hands and whether they’re just okay, big, or small. Regardless of their size, we need to complete our daily tasks, and having bigger or smaller hands than the next guy isn’t an advantage or anything similar. We’re worried about the size of the penis due to the power of perception that makes us believe the bigger equals the better. This doesn’t have to be a reality, though. The bigger penis doesn’t have to mean you’re better in bed. A guy with a smaller penis can have a better technique. In other words, you shouldn’t let the power of perception affect your confidence. If you’re worried, you can always talk about it with your significant other and determine whether she believes your penis is big, small, just right, or whether your technique is good or not.

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