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Hush Escorts welcomes you the best Sydney escorts. We welcome ladies whom are private, discreet, professional, youthful and experienced.

Privacy and confidentiality are our trademark at Hush Escorts which is why we are considered as on of Sydney's lead businesses. All our ladies have signed confidentiality agreements as your privacy is paramount. Our our client details are kept off the premises to protect your personal data should our security be infiltrated.

All escorts wanting to join our local network must adhere to

  • you are 18 years of age (18+), reside in Australia or possess a valid passport and work visa
  • you are fit in mind and body and have a healthy outlook on life
  • your are high class, refined, educated, worldly and possesses a personality which is larger than life.
  • your are honest and self-respective
  • enjoy the company of gentlemen, posses the qualities to relax any given situation and are professional at all times.
  • Adhere to all rules and regulations of the Prostitution Licensing Authority

Any private escorts in Sydney whom wish to meet and interview with us please contact us on 1300 282 655 or email us. Your privacy and confidentiality are respected as too your right of choice and freedom. Hush Sydney Escorts truly aim to create a positive culture of business and work ethic within our local network.


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Credit Cards Accepted