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I will perform a variety of sexual positions

Men amaze me. I mean, they are all so different and they think it is hard to understand a woman. Let me tell you that when it comes to sex, a woman wants you to start slow and treat her like a princess but a few minutes later, she wants to be fucked like a whore. Not just me, even your wife and your girlfriend want it. But men, I tell you.

They have different needs and different preferences. I have been with several men, on a date or as a hired professional and I am yet to establish a pattern that can help me decode them. But, I am not complaining, all these different experiences have helped me in a great way and I now service my clients better, give them what they want and treat them with the best possible version of myself. While we are still on men, let me tell you a story about one of my client Greg and three of his friends – Mike, Steve and Jacob who visited me in Sydney. They hired me to be their company for three days and man, it was fun!

They picked me from my place in their car that they had hired from a local man in Sydney. These brats were staying at a fancy hotel and had booked a private suite with a Jacuzzi and all, for me. Wonderful! Now, let me tell you. I am a woman of character and when it comes to sex, I do not compromise and that is why there are a few things I always like to carry with myself – a sexy lingerie, some restraints and a pair of sexy high heels (because they are magical; you will see how). Greg was a nice guy. As soon as we entered the room, he put on a sweet melodic music which was very soothing. I was instantly in the mood and waiting for my men to get comfortable around me. I sat on the couch and noticed that Jacob had been watching my legs. I did not care much because my eyes were on Steve. He had a nice body, a tattoo on the neck and an aura that naturally attracted me towards him. I wanted to get my hands on him as soon as I can and therefore, to make them all comfortable, I decided to shake a leg. I launched my sexy dance moves on my men one by one. I walked up to Greg and put my hands on his chest and pushed myself on him. I then moved to Mike who was sitting on a couch and jumped on his laps. The leg lover Jacob was next. As I walked towards him, I flaunted my long legs and my high heels. I pushed him on the chair, put my heels between his legs touching his hard dick. Took his hands and put them on my knee while shaking my booty and looking him into his eyes. He started moving his hands on my legs and just to make sure he stays hard, I pushed my heels into his groin and left him alone in his misery. Now, was the man I wanted to fuck – Steve! I started moving towards him. He was standing near the bathroom door. I pushed him in and closed the door to make it exciting for the two of us. I got down on my knees and started kissing his dick. I bit him softly. He held me by my hair. His hold was tight, it made me moan with pleasure. I wanted his dick inside me. But, there were other men waiting for me outside and I wanted to be fair, not selfish (or maybe a little), so I left Stevie in the bathroom and went out. I rushed to the bed, all pretty and dressed up. “Come on boys, don’t keep me waiting!”

All four of them started moving towards me. The leg guy Jacob was the first. He removed my pumps. While he was doing it, I pushed my feet on his face because I love doing it to the foot boys. Greg started unbuttoning my shirt, he definitely had some moves. Mike was undoing my shorts and Steve was just standing there, looking at me, admiring me. His eyes on my tits, totally lost. Jacob was still playing with my one foot and so I started stroking Steve’s big dick with my other foot. I pulled Greg on my boobs and made him kiss my big tits. Mike started licking my naval. The boys were feasting on my flesh and I was the feeling like a goddess. I had them under my control and I decided to give them the best of the Australian hospitality.

The men were all busy rejoicing my beauty. They were all over me. They had me warmed up and crazy. Now, I had been a part of many crazy sex parties but this feeling was different. Maybe because these men from the States? But, who cares! I was having fun and I wanted to return the favour. So, I asked my dogs to back off and let me calm them down one by one. They all smiled and agreed. Greg went to the couch. Mike sat on a chair. Steve was on the bed and my little foot bitch was still licking my feet. I decided to let him do it and enjoy his little hobby. Steve was looking at me. I got up from the bed. Removed my bra and panties. The men who were till now behaving, suddenly turned into wolves. Each of them had their eyes on me, looking deep into me, wishing to get a piece of me, wanting to fuck me, suck me and fulfil their wildest fantasy. But, me, I had different plans for them. I decided to play a little tease game with them and keep them asking for more for the rest of the night. I went towards Steve. I slowly grabbed the sheets, I kept crawling towards him. My boobs hanging downwards, my long hair rubbing my shoulders and my tongue teasing his emotions. I reached for his dick. Licked it from base to the tip. Looked at my foot boy, and he instantly started licking my sole. I stayed there for a while, licking little Stevie, cupping his balls while giving a magnificent view of my big round ass to the remaining three. I had Steve on the brink but I did not want him to cum yet. I had just started. I kissed his tip and moved away. I asked the footboy to get naked and lay down on the floor. He did it and I trampled all over him to reach Mike. He was still in his boxers. I went on my knees and started pulling them down slowly. His big cock popped up like a Popsicle, wet and hard! I grabbed it with both my hands and got up. I looked him in the eyes. I pushed his hands backwards and in the sexiest way, climbed on his laps. I wanted him to enter me while his three friends watched. I started going down on his dick, slowly, very slowly, still looking in his eyes. Once he was totally inside me, I held his face between my hands. His hands on my waist and I kissed him hard. I started moving on his dick, biting his lips. Both his heads under my control. He kept asking for more and I kept giving him more. He wanted me to stroke him harder with my pussy but I wanted him to suffer a little more, I wanted him to beg. I wanted him on the ground, panting and begging for satisfaction. I kept on teasing him with my pussy for the next few minutes and slowly moved his dick out. He was panting and asking for me to finish him off but the show had just begun. I now moved to Greg, who was laying down on the couch, stroking his cock. I went down on all my fours. Walked to him like a good bitch I am. I reached for his cock. He already had a lot of pre-cum flowing. I started licking it, drop by drop. All in my mouth. I then started moving towards his face. I stopped at his chest. “How about I mark you Greg?” He looked confused but his eyes told me that he wanted everything I had. I started licking his chest, just above his nipples. Once, I knew he had relaxed a bit, I went for a bite. Slowly, tightening my teeth on his flesh. This good guy from the USA should know the pleasure an Australian girl can give. I bit him harder until he screamed and when I had broken his threshold of pain, I gave him a deep kiss. My one hand holding his face and other stroking his dick. This man was in the most vulnerable state and I had made him mine. I released him off his agony. I gave him the best hand job of his life. All his cum dropping on my hands while I was still kissing him. His eyes were closed and his hands had stopped moving on my boobs. He was done and I was proud of myself. As I moved away from him, he opened his eyes. My mark was shining bright on his chest and my hand was filled with his cum. I brought my hand near his face and slowly licked his cum off my hand. He was aroused again. His eyes filled with joy but his dick had given up in front of my force. Steve was still waiting in bed, waiting for me with his dick standing tall. I decided to save my favourite dick for the last and called for my foot boy again. This time I asked him to bring me my high heels as I started moving towards Mike. He was still all worked up, panting and begging me for a release. I looked at him, placed one feet on his lap, held him by his hair, bent down and whispered “go to bed, I will see you there.” Mike ran to bed. I sat on the chair and my foot boy had brought me my high heels. The best part was that this little puppy of the pack was carrying them in his mouth. He had probably seen a lot of porn. Good for me! I stretched my foot and asked him to do the honours. He had a big smile on his face and why not? For the first time in his life, he was serving a beautiful woman, his fantasies were being fulfilled. He made me wear one of my shoe and before he could make me wear the other one. I started stroking him with my heeled foot. He started moaning with pleasure. The little puppy was happy, and frozen. He could not move out of pleasure and seeing him this happy, gave me more pleasure. I started stroking him faster and he started moaning louder. Mike and Steve were watching me and they were getting excited too. I wanted those two guys harder for my pussy and so I started stroking Jacob even harder. He climaxed like a puppy, all of his cum on my feet and my second heel still in his hand. His warm cum was dripping down drop by drop form his penis, onto my heels and then on the ground. He was calm, satisfied and blown away. He was lying on the floor, all burnt out. I kept my heeled foot on his thigh and removed my heels. I pushed my heels near his face so he could enjoy them while I fuck and enjoy my two men – Steve and Mike.

Steve and Mike were on two corners of the bed. I crawled in the middle of the boys and held both of them by their dicks. “Teach me daddies!” I said and I took my favourite bitch position on the edge of the bed. My men stood up to fuck my tight pussy. I wanted them inside me. I wanted them to cum inside me. Greg was watching it from the couch, Jacob was worshiping my high heels and Mike and Steve were going to fuck me like their whore, like a bitch, and I deserved it. Mike came first. He slapped my round ass. Tested my pussy with his finger and went all in. With one hand he grabbed my waist and with other he grabbed my titty. He pushed me hard. He made me cry with pain. His huge dick was tearing my pussy apart but I did not want him to stop. He fucked me like a man should fuck a woman. He pulled out when he was just about to cum and dropped all his cum near the bed. I was still in an aftershock when I felt another dick on my ass. “Wait Ste” and before I could complete, he had pushed hid big dick inside me. I wanted a pause there but these guys had grown animalistic. They did not wish to stop. Steve had his one hand on my waist and with another he was holding my hair. He pulled my hair back and pushed his big dick deeper. I was in heaven. It had been long since someone had fucked me so deep. He fucked me like a bitch I am. I loved each and every stroke of his penis. Each and every movement he did inside and outside of me. I wanted it to never end. I was enjoying it and I wanted him to cum inside me. I wanted to feel his warm dick juice in my pussy. But, he pulled out as soon as he was going to cum. The mayhem was finally over. Well, this was what I thought but it had not. It was now Jacob who had taken over my ass. The foot boy really had some stamina. I had left him on the floor, passed out in the worst condition but he was now ready to fuck me. He pushed his dick deep inside me. He mimicked Steve and pulled my hair back. His dick was even harder, I could feel it. My pussy had already taken a lot of pounding but I was still loving it. I started moaning and shouting once again. Steve took this opportunity and put his dick in my mouth. This was amazing. I was being fucked from both the ends. I was again feeling like a queen, ruling the cocks, satisfying men, getting pleasured by everyone in the room. The feeling was amazing. Jacob unloaded himself in my pussy. His warm cum finally satisfied me and Steve came out in my mouth at the same time as Jacob. The tag team had me pinned down but ultimately I was the winner. I was the one who still had the power to get up and look beautiful. I swallowed Steve’s cum and like any classy lady would do, put on my sexy lingerie, my heels and sat on the couch waiting for the men and my puppy to regain strength and start again.