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How to Use Sex Toys on Her with our High Class Escorts

Sex toys are usually considered to be a part of single life, but it doesn’t have to be that way, just call our escorts in Sydney to spice up the bedroom life. Even if you’re in a relationship you can still spice things up with an escort and some interesting toys. Not only is it fun with high class escorts Sydney using sex toys, it also improves your sex life in many ways. To get the most out of sex toys by yourself or with our high class escorts we’re going to provide you some useful tips and tricks.

Quality matters

When buying things you always make sure you’re paying for quality. Sex toys shouldn’t be an exception from that rule. Why? Low-quality toys may not do their “job” properly and can be dangerous. Always buy sex toys in reliable stores, whether they’re physical sex shops or online, and ensure they are made by reputable brands. That way you’ll get to experience all the fun of using them on your significant other and avoid potential mishaps that may happen with low-quality products.

Build excitement by starting slow

Sex toys usually come with different settings in terms of power and speed. Although you’re turned on and super excited, you shouldn’t hit the strongest option immediately. Instead, start with the lowest option and gradually increase it. This way you’ll build excitement and give her the most intense orgasm ever. For example, if you plan to use vibrate you don’t have to penetrate her with it immediately. You can run it over her nipples or stroke other sensitive parts of the body as you’re working your way down. Another option is to let her use it on herself and you can watch.

Pay attention to how she reacts

Sexual intercourse is all about paying attention to the reactions of the other person. You can learn a lot from moaning and trembling, for example. When you “read” the cues she sends, you can easily step it up to bring the intense orgasm. The same thing applies when you’re using toys. The way she moans, trembles, or even pushes the toy around speaks volumes. She may push the toy around so you can put it on the spot where she needs it the most. Don’t be afraid to tease her a little bit, too. That way, she will beg for more and have a mind-blowing orgasm.

Mix things up

The best thing about sex toys is that there are tons of them. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of toys that can be used on women and men. They are versatile and give you the opportunity to experiment and explore. Don’t limit yourselves to a vibrator only, there’s a lot more options that can take your sex life to a whole new level. Introduce new sex toy every now and then, try multiple options, and you’ll know what works for both of you. Some toys may not be exciting enough for you while others will. It’s up to you two to discover what toys turn up the passion between the sheets.

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