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How to Share Sexual Fantasies with Your Partner

Every person on this plant has a sexual fantasy and your welcome to share them with our high class Sydney escorts. Sexual fantasies are a normal, natural thing. You imagine different scenarios in your mind and would want to experience them in real life. While sexual fantasies are completely natural and we are aware of that, it can be difficult to share them with your partner. The last thing you want is to speak about your sexual fantasies only for your partner to somehow conclude she’s not good enough. You want to be free to share these scenarios and fantasies, but don’t want to be misunderstood. These struggles are very common. It’s easy for the other person to assume you’re not attracted to them, although that’s not correct. 

But, on the other hand, a healthy relationship means open communication and it involves discussing this subject as well. The only way to actually live those fantasies, in reality, is to share them with your partner and vice versa. Below we will help you make this process a lot easier.

Make sure you’re comfortable first

A common mistake that people repeat is that they share their sexual fantasies too quickly. You don’t really have to do it as soon as you start dating someone. After all, you don’t know if that’s just a fling or it’s going to grow into a steady relationship. When you don’t know someone that well it’s difficult to feel comfortable. That way, sharing sexual fantasies is uncomfortable for both people, especially when you’re dreaming about something taboo or hardcore. Give yourself some time to feel comfortable with someone. You’ll feel more relaxed and confident in your sexual fantasies. It will also make the other person feel safer and calmer. 

Honesty is crucial

Honesty is crucial in every aspect of a relationship and sexual topics are not the exceptions. When you get to know the other person better, you should feel free to have an open and honest conversation about a wide spectrum of topics including sexual fantasies. Being honest with your partner makes it easier for them to discuss things they are willing to do or not. Also, make sure you explain every detail. You shouldn’t just say “I’m into bondage, Sydney escorts, or role-play”, but strive to provide as many details as possible and share the exact scenario you’ve pictured in your mind. The more details you give the more inclined will be the person to try it out. It’s a turn on!

Be interested in the partner’s fantasies

Most people share their sexual fantasies and want to experience them in real life, but completely ignore the fantasies of their partners. Huge mistake! Their fantasies are equally important as yours. Create an environment where both of you are free to share your wishes and desires.

Don’t let negative reactions bring you down

Some people are reluctant to share sexual fantasies with their partners out of fear they will be mocked or judged. Unfortunately, that’s the risk you need to take. Even if the other person doesn’t want to engage in those fantasies you shouldn’t let those reactions bring you down. Instead, you can just go ahead and find a great escort that will do them with you.