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How to Make Orgasms More Intense

It’s in human nature to constantly strive to achieve intense orgasms and increase sexual pleasure for both you and the significant other. Isn’t it wonderful to achieve an orgasm that is so intense you want to scream while sweat is dripping off of your body? For some people, intense orgasms seem like myths, something that exists only in theory, but it’s impossible to achieve. The reality is that intense orgasms are, indeed, possible.

How to achieve one?

In order to achieve an amazing orgasm, you need to avoid a common mistake.

What many people do wrong is that they go way too fast. That’s not a foolproof strategy for an amazing orgasm. You need to slow down the action. You need to take your time and enjoy every second in bed with one of our Sydney escort girls. A common mistake that men make is that they go too fast, neglect foreplay, and focus on their pleasure only. Trust us, you’ll (and your escorts in Sydney) will achieve a better orgasm if you don’t ignore the basics such as kissing and caressing. Instead of going “straight to the business” you may want to slide your hands over your Sydney adult service girls and make sure she feels your slow and gentle touch. Explore her body, curves, and consider them as land you need to investigate to learn as much as you can about its valleys and curves. As you move all over her body you may want to stroke and tease her, just enough to ensure she wants more. It’s also good to use your tongue on sensitive parts of your Sydney escorts body including skin behind the earlobe, nipples, around the belly button, you know the drill.

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice her breathing is irregular and her body is trembling with desire. But, wait a second! Your breathing has also become irregular. Blood is rushing through your body, pulse accelerates, and your penis is getting harder and harder the more attention you give to foreplay.

When it comes to foreplay, you should not forget about a blowjob, hand job, eating her out, and other beautiful things you can do to build excitement for the most intense orgasm you’ll experience. Sure, it’s okay to skip foreplay if you’re about to have a quickie, but if your goal is to intensify the orgasm you should definitely start with it. Your escort will love it and so will you.

After all, foreplay is all about building up anticipation and excitement but also establishing control over those urges, postponing the main part so that when you reach orgasm it’s stronger and more exciting than ever. Your Sydney escort will scream your name in pleasure and you’ll finally understand what’s it like when both people have orgasm together.

If you want to take things to another level when you feel you’re on a brink of orgasm and you’re almost there, pull your penis out of her. That way, you’ll prolong the pleasure and have an awesome orgasm later. At the same time, you’ll make her want more and more. Contact us and visit our website to learn more about our escort girls with whom you’ll have the best orgasm ever.