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How to Build Suspense in the Bedroom

What every man wants is to satisfy his significant other in bed and we can certainly help you out with our escort agency Sydney. You want to give the mind-blowing orgasm that will keep her wanting more and more. To achieve that you need to build suspense and our high class Sydney escorts are perfect at doing this. A common mistake that many men make is that they start with the “main thing” immediately. No suspense whatsoever! This also means there’s no excitement and the orgasm isn’t intense. If you’re also making this mistake we’re going to show you how to do it right, especially if you want to “practice” with our high class escort.


Communication is probably your least favorite word, especially when it comes to sex. The last thing you want to do is to have a talk with your significant other, but you should. Why does it matter? A little discussion with your partner is important because that way you can learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes. You can’t read her mind, but to build suspense and give her intense orgasm you need to know what she’s into.

Don’t rush

Men usually have no patients in sex. They want to start with the “main thing” immediately, but that’s a huge mistake. Remember, orgasms are all about building suspense and to make it happen you need to start slowly. In fact, the entry point into foreplay doesn’t even have to be sexual. You can start with a nice and sensual massage and work your way up from there. Massage oils are both relaxing, but also turn up sex drive to the maximum. Use your hands to build anticipation in her and then move to foreplay.

Use your lips to explore

The female body is a land worth exploring. You’ll be surprised how many spots on her body can act as an erogenous zone and turn her own when you kiss or touch there. Probably the sexiest thing you can do to build suspense is to use your lips to explore her body from head to toe. Don’t forget to focus on her neck, breasts, inner thighs, and clit of course. When it comes to the breasts, you can kiss and suck them and she’ll get turned on immediately. You may want to start kissing her neck and work your way down to the vagina.

Use your tongue

Once you’ve explored her body and made your way down to the vagina, it’s time to employ that tongue and bring suspension even more. Nothing excites a girl as a good tongue work and this is your moment to shine. Even when you’re here, start slowly to build more anticipation. Pay attention to how she reacts and adjust your tongue to work accordingly. While it may be tempting to start with the “main thing” now, be patient and build even more anticipation. You’ll both love it.

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