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Common Mistakes Clients Commit Before Hiring a Sydney Escort

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It’s not just the first time clients, but also the experienced men who have hired or hiring a Sydney escort agency for pleasure on several different occasions, tend to forget or simply ignore 5 major checks that can cost them physically, mentally or legally. This is why we are sharing a 5-point check sheet that will help you ensure that you hire the right escort every single time.

Check the escort’s basic information

You should begin by confirming that you are not sleeping with a woman who is legally not allowed to either be in the escort industry or simply not allowed to work in Australia. Enquire about her past and where does she come from. Lately, the Sydney escort scene has seen a lot of college girls getting into business for a quick buck.

Check the escort’s skills

The fact that you are hiring an escort service for pleasure means that you already have a few wild ideas in your head that you expect the escort to fulfill. This is why it is important that you ask the agency if a certain model will be able to fulfill your desires. Every girl is different and hence they are not into everything you ask them to do. If you want a girl who is into BDSM, state your expectations to the agency clearly.

Check for the escort’s etiquettes

If you plan to take the escort to a high profile party, you have to make sure she fits right in. You do not want to hire a girl who looks like a hooker. Our girls dress sophisticatedly in the public but underneath is a teenage slut who wants to fuck you. So, a lady boss for the world and a little fuck toy for the client – this is what we deliver.

Check the terms clearly

Before you finalize a model, check the terms of the agency escort service. Most of the agency have hidden charges. For example, a lot of agencies charge extra for providing escort services in hotels and have a huge difference in and out rates. Go through the charges thoroughly before you pick an escort or an agency.