Booking Information

Our incredible customer service makes the whole experience smooth and stress-free. You just need to contact our escort agency and we will take it from there. All questions you may have about the escort and the process, especially if you’ve never done this before, will be answered. Below, you can learn more about booking an escort, how it works, and what to expect. Contact us if you have more questions and we’ll help you out.

Work hours of the agency
Hush Escorts is open 24/7.

The preferred method of contact
The preferred contact method is via telephone. However, if you find it more convenient to send a text on 0426 77 66 55 or via Telegram @hushescorts , you are free to do so. You will get a reply to your text promptly. You can also email us at info@hushescorts.com.au

The availability of escorts
The agency has escorts available 24/7. Clients with specific requests need to book their escort one or two days in advance to ensure availability. Making a booking last minute could mean the escort that meets the client’s preferences is unavailable. 

Our receptionists reply to phone texts and or emails after 11am

Payments by bank
Bank payments for escort services are accepted. That said, in order for the booking to start the funds must be cleared in our account. For that reason, services such as OSKO are more practical for this purpose because you can complete your payment to our account and funds will clear immediately, pending that your bank supports Osko. If you still prefer payment via standard bank transfer we will provide you with details.

Terms and conditions of booking
The minimum booking of an escort is 60 minutes i.e. one hour. Clients are billed in hourly units. Bookings of a minimum of two hours or more come with a discount. The agency offers special rates for overnight, daily, and extended travel bookings. Contact us to get more info about discounts and special rates, especially for regular clients for our Sydney escorts.

All prices and rates are displayed in Australian dollars. The agency accepts all major credit cards and currencies. Worth mentioning that credit card transactions also come with a surcharge and are only available with the presentation of an ID. Since client privacy is our priority, the transactions are discrete on your credit card report.

Some services come with additional costs that clients agreed upon beforehand. Clients need to specify special services before the escort arrives. Should you need to cancel the booking, you can only do so before the escort arrives. Once the booking starts, cancellation is not refundable. Transportation costs for any travel for escorts longer than 5 minutes from the city incurs a cost and is the client’s responsibility.

Hush Escorts provides escorts that travel with clients interstate, locally, and internationally. However, it’s practical to make a booking in a timely manner so that an escort has enough time to make all the travel arrangements.

Our Sydney escort agency will replace an escorts Sydney or cancel the booking without charge if the client’s expectations aren’t met or if an escort isn’t just as she was described.

Give us a call to get more info. Dial  1300 282 414 or (+61) 0426776655

Payments in cash
Cash payments are acceptable, but it is necessary to pay upon the escort’s arrival and before the booking starts. The agency accepts cash payments in Australian dollars. Some foreign currencies are also accepted. Contact us to learn more about currencies we accept.

Get in touch with us
You will find our contact information on the website’s Contact page.

Payments by credit card
Hush Escorts agency accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. Each booking comes with a 10% surcharge. Billings are discrete. Contact our customer support to learn how the billing will be represented on your credit card statement. Clients who opt for this payment method also need to have an ID with a photo.

The exchange rate
All prices are displayed in Australian dollars. The agency also accepts payments in other currencies such as Euros (EUR), US dollars (USD), and British pounds (GBP). We use a Westpac currency converter to quote exchange rates.

Individual discretion
The agency prioritises the discretion of escorts and clients alike. For that reason, clients should not ask escorts for private information and contact details. Doing so, especially being persistent about it, gives an escort the liberty to cancel the booking. At the same time, escorts are not allowed to ask clients for personal and contact information. Clients are encouraged to report escorts that break this rule.

Escort rates
Escort rates are displayed in the Rates section.

Escort services
To learn more about services provided by our escorts, please navigate to the Service page.

Escort service area
Please navigate to our Service Area Tab for more information on the areas we service in Sydney

Get answers to the most common questions on the FAQs page.

The Guarantee
The agency guarantees that the Sydney escort you choose is the escort that arrives and that a client will receive money back or a different escort if the escort they booked doesn’t meet the expectations upon arrival. Once the payment has been made and the booking started, clients are not eligible for a refund for their cancellation.

Travelling internationally
As an international escort agency, Hush Escorts can send their escorts across the globe, pending it’s legal to book them in a specific country. Clients who need a companion for international trips can find the best escort in our agency.

Travelling interstate
The agency also provides interstate travel services. That said, the minimum booking time is eight hours. The client needs to cover the costs of the travel and a hotel room. The latter is necessary when interstate travel includes locations that require flights longer than one hour each way.

Legal information
Escort services are legal in the Sydney and New South Wales area. Clients that don’t reside in this area may be committing an offence by booking escorts. The same applies to international clients if it’s illegal in their countries to access our website and book an escort.

A minimum booking period is required
The minimum booking period is one hour for our Sydney escorts. A longer minimum period is necessary for travels that are further than 20 minutes from the Central Business District. International and interstate travels have longer minimum bookings.

Making payments
The agency accepts payments via bank transfer, major credit cards, and cash. Cash payments need to be completed immediately as the escort arrives. Other payments are in advance and need to be visible to the agency so the booking can start. Credit Cards incur 10% surcharge.

Privacy of identity of clients and escorts is crucial. The agency forbids forwarding the information to other parties and it doesn’t allow info to be retained by other parties. Escorts and clients are not allowed to ask for private and contact information from one another. Transactions are completed discreetly and securely with our escorts in Sydney. Billing is performed in a subtle and non-obvious manner.

Travel expenses
The agency charges standard Uber rates for travel of Sydney escorts to and from the booking. Escort’s rate is inclusive when a client books a room in city hotels. Additional travel costs are imposed for bookings outside of the Central Business District. The agency doesn’t add premiums to travel fees. Travel expenses for interstate or international bookings should be paid before the escort departs.