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It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining bright and everything around the lake was perfect. I was resting under the tree and she was with her best friend in the lake. They were doing some stupid stuff and I was just looking at them planning a threesome.
Usually, I do not think through my dick but these were two young 21-year-old girls with flawless skin, long hair, hot ass and heavenly voice. They forced me to think through my dick. What I did not realize is that when a man day dreams with his dick, he develops a hard on and when he is in boxers, it is quite obvious and visible.
Natalie, my girlfriend back then and her friend Jane saw the bulge and couldn’t help but laugh. Now, this presented me with two options. I could either feel ashamed or I could try and get into their panties. Easy choice for a horny man like me, I opted for the second choice. I let them enjoy what they were watching and gave Natalie the ‘FUCK ME’ look. It turned her on. She started biting her lips. It was a thing she did every time she blew my mind through my dick. She started walking towards me. Her perfect body emerging out of the lake. Water dropping down her big tits and sexy ass and dripping down her long beautiful legs onto the ground. She continued walking towards and I started stroking my cock. She loved it when I used to stroke my cock and take her name in the sexiest voice I could produce.
She kept on walking towards me, she was looking stunning and I could not help but be lost in her beauty. She came closer and started stroking my cock with her foot. We were looking at each other in the eyes. She kept rubbing my dick until I was fully charged. She had devised her own ways to know when I was ready. When she was done rubbing my foot, she gave me the cutest yet the naughtiest smile. This was not the first time that we were doing something stupid outside the walls but this was the first time that we were doing something in front of a friend. Nevertheless, I was enjoying what I was getting. Natalie, well, she cared less. She went down on all her fours and slid her palm over my erect cock. I was all charged up and ready. She was constantly looking me in the eyes.
She untied my shorts with one hand and with other she was still rubbing my cock. Her eyes not leaving my face and her hands well trained to know where they were going. She pulled my shorts and my huge cock jumped out of my shorts. She had the wildest smile on her face. She again started biting her lips and like a bitch she started licking the tip of my dick. I placed my hands on her head, grabbed her by the hair and started guiding her face on my cock. I made her lick the tip for a while because I knew she loved it and then I pushed her head down on my dick.
I was now beginning to sweat. I took a deep breath and put my hands away. I could feel her smiling because this meant that she could now do whatever she wanted. She started moving her head up and down my erect shaft. It started slowly but a few stroked and I started leaking pre-cum. She got wild and started moaning. In no time, she was crying with pleasure, chocking on my cock but still blowing it like a hot little bitch.
Jane was still in water looking at us with her jaw stuck wide open. I glanced at her and called her. She stood there for a few seconds but then gave me a big smile and started moving out of the water. Natalie was still sucking my cock. She wanted my dick juice. Jane came near us. She softly touched the bare back of her best friend. She then looked at me, grabbed Natalie by her hair and without breaking an eye contact with me, forced Natalie to go deeper.
Natalie was moaning and crying loudly but Jane did not let her stop. In a few strokes, I was done, I was cumming and all of it was inside Natalie’s mouth. Jane saw my face and at once she knew that I was done. She stopped pushing Natalie and pulled her out. Natalie was exhausted and I was almost dead. Jane licked the cum from Natalie’s lips in the sexiest way and moved to the truck. Natalie was lying in my laps. Both of us out of energy, unable to move and satisfied.