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Guide to More Intense Orgasms

It’s human nature to strive to achieve the ultimate state of pleasure and breathtaking orgasms. Men and women alike love to feel that pleasure when orgasm flows through their bodies like a wave of positive energy and excitement. Achieving an intense orgasm is easier said than done, though. Many people believe it’s simply impossible to have a mind-blowing orgasm, but it is. Throughout this short post, we’re going to show you how to make your orgasm more intense for yourself and your sex partner whether it’s your girlfriend, wife, or your Syd escorts at Hush escorts.

When it comes to intensifying orgasms the first, and most important, the thing you need to do is to fix a common mistake. What mistake would that be? You’re doing it too fast! When you’re too fast neither of you has fun in the bed! So, make sure to slow down the action. That means you should dedicate time to foreplay and “simple” actions such as kissing and caressing.

Let’s say you’re with a Sydney escort. The last thing you want is to rush and miss out on the opportunity to explore every inch of her body. Try sliding your hands over her body in slow and gentle motions, explore her curves, stroke and tease her. Feel her tight, young, smooth, and graceful body under your fingertips. You can also use your tongue and mouth to kiss her all over, feel her earlobes, nipples, and everything else. You don’t really have to go straight to the vagina. Instead, you may want to build anticipation and excitement through simple yet always effective foreplay. If you do it right (and no reason not to) you’ll notice her breathing has become irregular and her body is trembling with desire. Your breathing will be irregular too and you’ll want her more and more.

Foreplay is important for intense orgasms later on. It doesn’t have to include a blow job or hand job only. Passionate kissing and touching can also produce the same effect.

In other words, you should never skip foreplay and take your time with it. Do not rush! The reason is simple, when you draw out the pleasure as long as you can, you will intensify the orgasm to the point when both of you have the best sex ever. You’ll feel like a king who knows how to give his escort, or girlfriend or wife, a mind-blowing super intense orgasm. You will also be the person who knows how to get the most out of sex and experiences intense orgasms too.

Besides taking time with foreplay, you may also want to try another thing – when you’re on the brink of orgasm try to stop and pull back from the edge. Then retake control and do it again. Every time you feel like you’re about to cum, stop, take a pause, and do it again. You can also do the same when you feel like she’s about to achieve orgasm. That way you will prolong the pleasure, but once you decide it’s enough both of you will experience amazing orgasm. Take a look at our Sydney website gallery to find a hot escort.