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Great Places for a Hot Date with Escorts in Sydney

Planning a sexy, romantic date with escorts in Sydney? Then here are some amazing places in Sydney to go with your gorgeous lady to make a great impression and to enjoy some scintillating conversation.

Wendy’s Secret Garden

Tick all the right romantic boxes with this one! Wendy’s Secret Garden at Lavender Bay is the perfect choice to watch the sunset over the harbour with some caviar and bubbly at hand. Grab a comfortable picnic blanket, a delicious bottle of champagne and make an appointment with one of our gorgeous escorts in Sydney to enjoy a fantastic evening leading up to an exciting night. This is a beautiful garden that has been transformed by the wife of artist Brett Whiteley after his passing. It is simply beautiful garden that was restored from almost-ruin to provide a great picnic place for romantic evenings.

A visit to the Sydney Observatory

This is how you take stargazing up a notch! The Sydney Observatory is an amazing place to visit with a date to enjoy an evening of stargazing through massive telescopes. You can take the after-dark tour to learn more about the universe, ancient astronomy of the indigenous people and to get intrigued by the mysterious galaxies and planets. This is certain to create some fascinating conversations later on with your escort in Sydney.

Dinner at a top notch restaurant

Nothing fuels you and your lady up for a night of pleasure than a delicious dinner at one of the many amazing restaurants in Sydney. If you are craving some Italian flavours, try Jamie’s Italian Trattoria in Paramatta that offers a great selection including vegetarian options. Another great option is the Wild Pear Café, which offers a range of delicious options, plated to perfection. Coogee Pavillion is another excellent choice to enjoy the likes of salads, pizza, pasta and even fresh sushi if you can’t make up your mind.

Go bowling

Why not bring out your fun side on your date with one of our gorgeous ladies? An establishment such as The Standard Bowl is a great place to enjoy a game of bowling on the miniature alley. While you show off your skills to your lady, you can enjoy the tunes from the live band and grab a relaxing drink for the bar. This is a great idea to break the ice and to lighten the mood before the bedroom activities commence later in the evening. Needless to say, a bit of light exercise will release all those feel-good hormones to get you and your lady excited for the evening ahead!

Catch a theatre show

Our gorgeous Hush girls love all things sophisticated! Sydney, home to the iconic Sydney Opera House, offers an incredible range of great theatre shows all throughout the year. You can catch a stylish opera show at the Opera House or a fun theatre show at one of the dozens of other theatres in the city.

If you have chosen a gorgeous Sydney escort, be sure to take her out and about in Sydney to break the ice and to enjoy some great conversation. Our girls are not only amazing in bed but they are also skilled in the art of making quality conversation and make great companions for parties and events.