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Getting Over a Dry Spell

Dry spells are perfectly normal. For most men a dry spell is frustrating and it’s easy to think these things don’t happen to others. But, believe us, every guy goes through this period at one point or another. The good thing is that you can get back on the saddle and put an end to your dry spell. You can do it with a gorgeous and sexy hot lady whose main goal is to treat you like a king. If you’re single you’re probably wondering how to do so. The answer is simple – browse through our website and find a stunning escort. You can also do it if you’re in a relationship and still experiencing a dry spell for whatever reason. Our escorts are erotic, sensual, naughty, and know how to take you to the land of pleasure and sexiness.

It’s easy to make an inquiry and set up a date with the escort you love the most. When she arrives, you’re immediately excited but you need to pace yourself. Yes, it’s been a while! And yes – you’re getting back on the saddle! But to have the best comeback sex ever you need to do everything right. You take a look at her gorgeous figure in a super sexy and elegant dress. You just want that dress to be on the ground, and she takes it off revealing her hot body in sexy lingerie. Now it’s time to head to the bedroom where she sits on the bed, unzips your pants and you take your clothes off as well. Next thing you know you’re touching her body, unhooking her bra, and gently touching her firm breasts. She stands up and you keep touching her and move on to take off her sexy panties. Her pussy is finally free and what a marvelous piece of art it is. You just want to taste it and that’s exactly what you proceed to do.

You’re feeling her sweet juices and are ready to feel her from the inside, but before that, you stand up and ask for a blowjob. Her lips are so sensual and luscious, it would be a shame not to get a blowjob from someone who’s that hot. She looks you straight into your eyes while she’s taking it all in. How sexy! You keep staring at her and feeling more pleasure than ever. You must take her! She lies on the bed, spreads her sexy legs and you get inside. She’s tight, warm, and your cock is throbbing, pulsating, you’re getting turned on more and more. Whenever you feel like you’re about to cum, you pull it out, slowly pause, kiss her, and do it again. Your pleasure is taking longer and she’s loving it. Once you’re ready to cum she gives you a blowjob again. You feel her taking your entire cock in, she knows how to handle it, massages your balls, and brings out the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had. Get back on the saddle with one of our escorts.