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We Called it Even - part 2

I started cupping her breast and she was fine with it. We were a bit far from the beach, into the sea but still able to stand. A few moments later, she started to stroke my penis and boy that was hell of a stroking. She was getting a bit wild and seeing her so aggressive, I took her entire left boob in my mouth and tried to suck it dry. A loud moan came from her mouth as she was enjoying it.
She increased the pace and stroked harder. Both of us were losing our breath but still didn’t want to stop it. I was still sucking her pink nipples when she suddenly pushed me back and wrapped herself around my waist and kissed back. I could feel my dick touching the right places because her moaning was loud and clear.
We then started moving back to the beach. She lay down on the sand and opened her lace panty, facing me. Staring down at me, slowly she widened her legs and i got a clear view of her shaved pussy.
I walked towards her, lied on my stomach, put her right leg over my shoulder and started to massage her thighs. With every spread of my hands, she began to moan and then swiftly, I touched her pussy softly. She twitched a little but she was too hot to deny anything. I began fingering her and slowly rubbing her clitoris. Her face grew red as she was neared orgasm. She grabbed my hair and put my mouth to her labia. I could taste her juices flowing inside my mouth with great rigour. The moment she stopped trembling, I started to lick her labia, with full vigour. She was shocked but I wanted to give her another orgasm and within no time; she started trembling again and released her second orgasm. Not a single drop of her juice was wasted. I licked all of it, while looking directly into her eyes. She knew I was going to own her for the night.
She pushed me back and I lay on my back and she then took my dick in her hands. She started to lick the tip. She was doing it gently. Slowly, she increased the speed and in a few moments, the whole dick was in her mouth. I could feel her throat, every time she went down on my dick. I was trying to control but I knew I would not be able to hold longer, she was sucking at a vigorous pace and the love she showed to it was enigmatic. This was the best blowjob. She was sucking the dick and cupping my balls at the same time and when the moment came to cum, I tried to push her but she ignored and kept sucking it. “Very well” I exclaimed and grasped her by the hair and pushed my torso to fill her mouth with my dick and treated her well. Splash after splash, I released my jizz inside her. I was still feeling her throat and I could hear the gulping sound. She sucked all of it, without any hesitation.
She came up and lay near me. We called it even, smiled and waited for the sun to go down.

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