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Foreplay Dos and Don’ts with High Class Sydney Escorts

Foreplay is largely underrated although it can do wonders for your sex life. What every guy wants is hot sex, but the best way to make it happen is to improve your foreplay skills too. 

When it comes to foreplay with high class Sydney escorts you need to remember some dos and don’ts to make it a memorable experience. Yes, memorable!

Foreplay is all about improving your performance and learning what to do or avoid. But you can save that time with this post. Scroll down to learn more about dos and don’ts of foreplay. 

Foreplay Dos

Do set the romantic atmosphere

Foreplay is not just about things you do to her or vice versa. The experience is much better when you set the scene. Candles here and there, romantic music, maybe even rose petals go a long way. Don’t think of these scenes as a cliché, but a bulletproof way to ensure both of you are in the mood.


Foreplay isn’t, and shouldn’t be, just about the “action”. Sometimes we fail to acknowledge that communication is sexy. Whether you’re meeting Sydney Outcall Escorts or you want to have sex with your wife/girlfriend you should try to talk. No serious topics, though! A little bit of light conversation can make the mood a lot better and even turn her on.

Be creative

Foreplay is more than kissing. There are many other things you can do to make foreplay super hot for both of you. Move from kissing to nibbling, hair pulling, and even spanking (pending she’s into it as well). Or you can talk about likes and dislikes, share fantasies, and turn them into reality. 


The problem with foreplay is that sometimes people fail to watch and listen to their partner. If you don’t do that, it’s difficult to understand if she likes it or not. As a result, you can’t know how to make it even hotter. Try to observe her behavior, movements, and sounds she makes as you’re touching and kissing her. You’ll know what turns her on or not. 

Foreplay don’ts

Don’t make it all about the bedroom

Probably the most common that people make with foreplay is that they limit it to the bedroom online. Be more creative than that. There are tons of things you can do and places where you can do them besides the bed. 

Don’t rush it

Women enjoy foreplay but men usually want to wrap it up and do it as fast as possible. Huge mistake! Keep in mind that most people take time to be sexually aroused. To make foreplay super hot you should take your time, focus on every movement, and make sure she knows you’re not rushing it. 

Don’t focus on obvious spots only

Sure when you’re engaging in foreplay it’s easy to focus on her clit and nipples. There’s much more to a woman’s body than that. Kiss, nibble, and touch other parts of her body to explore it. That way you’ll be able to find her turn-ons. 

Don’t go overboard

Being creative is important, but avoid going overboard with it. Don’t do something that may make both of you feel uncomfortable. When suggesting some sexy games for you to play, keep them short and enjoyable. 

With our dos and don’ts, your foreplay game is bound to improve. You’re ready to make Sydney outcall escorts or your significant other go wild.