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Foot Fetish

Do Hush Do Escorts Provide Foot Fetish Services?

Lucky for you, they do. Foot fetish happens to be one of the most common kinds of fetish and fantasies. Men, who are otherwise dominating, love to be under the beautiful and soft soles of dominant women and worship her feet as their life depended on it.

If you are in Australia and looking for a Sydney escort who provides feet fetish services, contact us up on our phone or email and we will put you in touch with the right girls.

What can you expect from a foot fetish service?

To be honest, practically anything. However, if you would like to see a list of requests that we get, here it is.

Foot Kissing and Licking

This is the first step towards foot worshipping. The men like to kiss and lick the top and bottom of the escort’s feet. The escorts maintain their feet in good condition and the soft soles are the first thing that men want to feel on their tongues. Most men love to suck the toes and lick the soles.

High Heel Worshipping

Much like foot worshipping but with escort still wearing her hot stilettoes or boots or whatever the client likes. High heels on the skin feel like the state of absolute dominance to most men, and that is why high heel worship is slowly gaining popularity among men with a feet fetish.


Many men like to be trampled by a beautiful woman. Trampling is usually done on the back and on stomach and chest. Some men like the women to be bare feet and others demand the escorts to keep on wearing their shoes or heels while trampling them. Some men also require trampling on their face. This can be painful but if you know the safe word, nothing goes wrong.

Foot Job

A good foot fetish session begins by building a high tension and ends with a sweet release. A foot job is what ends most of the sessions. This can either involve the client rubbing his dick against the feet or legs or the escort pressing/rubbing/stroking her feet on the erect member of the client. Either way, the release is fun and amazingly hot. This act too can be done barefoot or while the model is wearing her shoes or heels as per the need of the client.

Men who have hired our girls for a session of foot fetish have never been let down. We keep our client’s profiles safe, secure and discreet. Also, we ensure that when you hire a girl for your feet fetish needs, we give you the company of a girl who has lovely feet and a killer sense of fashion.

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