In Sydney, New South Wales, one of the most permissive escort laws in Australia exists. Both escorting and advertising are permissible, however certain requirements must be met. In NSW and Sydney, an age limit of 18 years or older is required for escorting services.

We’ll take care of everything if you hire an escort at Hush Escorts. Our company employs high-end escorts and all security precautions are taken to ensure that our customers are never concerned.

Definitely! That’s all there is to it. Hush Escorts is well-known for being picky when it comes to hiring models for our services. Our ability to recognise which talents and appearances are highly valued may vary from one person to the next, but we take pleasure in our success in this area. We hire roughly one out of every sixty applicants. We have confidence in our services due to our experience and knowledge. Our escorts not only provide high-end service, but they also understand exactly what high-end means. Our reputation for quality and customer service is one of the keys to our success. If we are unable to discover someone who matches your criteria when you make a request, it is better to let you know if we do not have any suitable suggestions instead of sending you someone who is very different from what you want. Our company’s top goal is to deliver real services to our clients.

If you’re going out with an escort for the first time, go for the one that appears to be the most attractive and suitable at a first impression. In most cases, there are many ladies who stand out, so if you want to switch it up and have fun with a different escort every now and then or two or more escorts simultaneously, go for it. Choose the ladies of your choice from our picture gallery and contact us or make prior arrangements by selecting “Call Now.”

Yes, we have a variety of ladies to choose from. All of our ladies are stunning and will make your experience one to remember. Hush Escorts has been delivering exceptional service for more than ten years, and we realise that one of our gorgeous escorts can help you find pleasure and the better things in life. We provide something unique to the high-class escort business, we are willing to share our extensive expertise and provide suggestions based on your requirements, whether you are interested in classic models or hot porn star curves, there is something for everyone.

Hush escorts offer the Girlfriend experience. Without putting you into a relationship, a Sydney escort may give you all of the pleasure, fantasy, and devotion you desire. It’s like having a perfect girlfriend who won’t try to control your life but with whom you may have a great time. When an escort commits to be your girlfriend as a service, she will not only attempt to create a physical connection with you, but also an emotional one as well. As for her, she is one of those escorts who can fulfil your needs as well as provide you with all the other benefits that a girlfriend should have, such as attentive and devoted attention.

Yes, that is possible. We provide escorts for all types of events in Sydney. Whether you’re looking for a date to a corporate event, or you just want someone to show you around the city, our escorts are available to fulfil your needs.

There are a lot of ex-Porn Stars and escorts that offer the Porn Star experience in Sydney. Some of these performers can also be found at Hush Escorts. How do Porn Star escorts differ from regular escorts? Like in a porn movie, you’ll experience real porn star moves and adventure. The fact that they are more skilled at what they do is no surprise. An adventure like this is of course more expensive than our regular high-class escorts.

Definitely, yes. We’ve vetted all of our ladies and picked them carefully for this position. We accurately depict the escort’s appearance, preferences, and dislikes when we create a profile. We take the time to get to know each lady so that we may provide our customers with the finest and most appropriate experience possible. Each girl’s photograph at Hush Escorts is taken by our in house photographer and depicts her real asthetics  and beauty. We offer a variety of images to showcase the ladies in their best light. There are a lot of phoney Sydney escort agencies in an operation that use fake photos and are deceptive. We consider this behaviour to be unprofessional, and we can assure you that the woman you meet is the real deal. You may be confident that all of Hush Escorts will be youthful and naturally attractive and be able to seduce you beyond your wildest expectations. The ladies are well aware of all men’s expectations for politeness and intellect

Our lovely ladies get pleasure from discreet relationships with you as a fascinating, exciting side hobby to their regular jobs. Our ladies have been handpicked for their natural beauty and charm. Some of our girls are university students, athletes, part-time models, business women, single parents, and so on.

The best thing to do is schedule your appointment as soon as possible to ensure that you get the date, time, and girl that you desire. Please keep travel times in mind while making an outcall appointment. When you schedule an appointment, the ladies will try to arrive as soon as possible. When you make a booking, know the date, time, and place ahead of time, so there will be no unpleasant surprises when you arrive. A deposit of ten percent of the total cost is required for most bookings. Last-minute reservations between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m., on average, are available within 30 minutes after booking.

Our primary concern is your safety, and we go to great efforts to ensure that you are safe. Because we encrypt and protect everything you send us, it remains private. Our company does not keep any records, and after the booking is completed, all records are destroyed. You can be assured that your information will be kept private and will not be shared outside of the agency. All of our escorts and employees are also required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which means they will be held accountable if she ever reveals any information about the agency or clients. Hush Escorts is dedicated to maintaining discretion and asking that you do the same.

Hush Escorts is no different from any other well-known and reputable business with which you may do business with. We’ll give you the billing company’s contact information when you make the payment. For the previous ten years, we’ve been servicing clients in Australia and around the world, and we’ve built a stellar reputation for professionalism and honesty. Even so, you should be aware that we do not provide or promise to deliver any illicit goods or services, therefore you have the same rights as if you had a problem with another business. It’s conceivable that your escort may not be to attend the event for some unforeseen reason. When this happens, we will offer you several alternatives to pick from. Depending on your choice, if you are dissatisfied with the escort that has been assigned to you, either a different escort or a full refund may be given as a cancellation.

If you book an outcall service outside of Sydney’s CBD, your escorts may demand a prepayment in cash or by credit card before they travel to and from you. When the escort arrives at the destination, she will know that you are available for the reservation if this information is provided ahead of time. We demand the same of our clients since we promise their honesty and responsibility. You can pay in advance by bank transfer if you do it when booking. After the cash has been received, your booking will be scheduled at a convenient time. Although this may seem like a simple concept, the majority of Gentlemen prefer to hire escorts using a prepaid method since they do not want to worry about cash or paying their escort. It is a secure and trustworthy payment method to use. Anyhow, we’re always delighted to provide you with alternatives so that you don’t have to feel rushed.

It’s a non-industry-related payment service. When you make a reservation with us, we will inform you who will be billing you personally. As a matter of courtesy to our clients, we don’t disclose our credit card billing service provider to the general public. There will be no mention of your Hush Escorts or Escort Service statement, nor any other service related to adult entertainment. We don’t disclose your personal information to anybody or anything.

As soon as you arrive at the hotel or residence, our Escort will be there to meet you. A nice restaurant or a bar are ideal locations to pre-drink or dine before the event. Do you own your own yacht? Our escorts are used to meeting high-end clients in sophisticated settings, they are entirely at ease when dealing with wealthy customers.

Regarding the appointment, please note the following:

Yes, you may pay for an Escort with cash. Payment is required on arrival. When your escort counts the money, she is not impolite. Since your cash will be counted discretely, you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Yes! You can have an escort visit you at your home in Sydney. You can trust Hush Escorts to provide you with all of the services you require as a client, and that we will provide them on the day of your booking. Whether you want your escort to come to your house or to a different place, we are pleased to provide the service

Hush escorts assist escorts in reducing needless conversations and time spent with other people who aren’t the gentleman who hired us as their escorts. Your escort is solely available to you when you book an appointment with her. She won’t have to deal with texts or phone calls while getting ready for her next engagement as a result. You have her all to yourself once she arrives for your appointment. The agency handles everything. We’ll be glad to forward any questions or issues you want to clarify or discuss with her before she arrives. We are, however, not a chat service or a dating service, we thank you for your understanding.

Arrive on time for your appointment, fresh and eager to have a good time. You must always show your escort the greatest respect, and this will be repaid to you. Although our ladies love being pampered, they truly enjoy pampering you even more. They take great pride in treating their clients like kings and queens. As a result, you should treat her with respect. Always be polite and considerate to your escort. Your escort clearly puts a lot of effort into preparing for your visit. As a result, she wants you to be polite, charming, and attentive to her. You should maintain your personal hygiene and appearance, as you would on any date. This involves a lot of things, including smelling wonderful and looking good. If you make her feel at ease around you, she will be more comfortable in your company. You should avoid making personal questions about your escort. It’s impolite to enquire about such things. It may be distressing for the escort, making them less likely to interact with you. When a woman is at ease with you, she will ultimately reveal herself to you. If you want to know more about her, do not ask for her phone number or request a private meeting. If you request to meet with one of our escorts against our express wishes, we reserve the right to deny future requests.

There are many great places to take an escort in Sydney, if you want to arrange a romantic date with an escort in Sydney, there are several locations where you can make a good first impression and have some engaging conversations.

The Following Places have been Recommended by our Sydney Escorts:

Wendy’s Secret Garden:
Wendy’s Secret Garden at Lavender Bay is an excellent place to watch the sunset over the harbour while enjoying caviar and bubbly. Enjoy a picnic on a comfortable blanket with a delicious bottle of champagne and make arrangements with one of our beautiful escorts to enjoy a great evening before a fun-filled night.

Visiting the Sydney Observatory:
Stargazing through enormous telescopes at the Sydney Observatory is an incredible experience to share with your escort date. The after-dark tour would be a good opportunity to learn about the universe, and ancient astronomy of indigenous peoples, and be enthralled by the mysteries of the galaxy and planets

Go bowling:
There’s no better place to appreciate miniature bowling than The Standard Bowl. It’s a bowling alley, bar, and gig venue – and it’s a darn good time. Show off your skills to your lady while listening to the live band, and grab a refreshing drink at the bar afterward.

Attend a theatre performance:Hush escorts love all things sophisticated! Sydney, home to the iconic Sydney Opera House, hosts many theatre events throughout the year. There are dozens of other theatres in this city where you can see a contemporary opera or a play in addition to the Opera House.






Immediately following the appointment:

We value your comments and feedback. Please feel free to provide input. Our Escorts are always looking forward to hearing from you, without your help, we would not be able to maintain our high standards. Please get in contact with us if you are interested in assisting the escorts in developing and improving their skills. If we have a solid understanding of your demands, we will be able to enhance the next appointment even more. Please contact us immediately by text, email, or phone if you have any questions

That’s an excellent idea. It is strongly suggested that you meet the escort before entering the bedroom if you are a committed couple. It’s a good idea to spend an hour chatting with the escort before making a decision. You may see whether or not there is chemistry between you.

We may also set up companionship or sex packages at a fair price, in addition to much more.

FAQs for Couple:

Yes! Each couple takes distinct actions, while some couples don’t mind penetration, others prefer only touch or a “look, but don’t touch” approach. Before you begin, it’s always a good idea to establish boundaries and discuss penetration

Communication is necessary for a successful connection. You and your escort should both have a safety word. It’s vital for everyone in the rendezvous to know what the safe word is so that they may use it if they find themselves emotionally unsafe.

Yes, that is perfectly fine. We appreciate your willingness to try something new with us. There’s no need to be concerned. Couples who wish to add some excitement to their sex lives frequently invite a third individual into bed with them – an escort. In the majority of situations, it’s quite stressful. There is a lot of discussion throughout the procedure. Before deciding how to proceed, the pair should discuss their expectations, concerns, and other issues. Tell the escorts as well. It makes everyone more at ease.

The answer is yes. The escort should be informed first about these matters. In addition to being professional, she knows what she needs to do to make everyone feel relaxed.

Yes, condoms will be provided to you by your escort to ensure a safe sexual encounter. Safe sex is a must and all our escorts adhere to best safe practices and are regularly tested.

Yes, definitely! The date is usually set in advance for most couples. The most common occasion is a birthday or anniversary. In other words, the arrangements will depend on your preferences and free time. In other words, it’s up to you when it takes place.

You may have to pay a different amount depending on the package you choose. Full service usually costs $1200 per hour. Remember, however, that the exact cost will depend on the arrangement. We can provide you with price information upon request.