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Edging: Try It With A Sydney Escort Agency

Keeping sex life exciting isn’t that difficult, although it may seem that way. There are tons of things and positions you can try to keep the spark alive and have mind-blowing sex with your significant other. Every now and then a new sex trend shows up and it takes the world by storm. One of those sex-related trends is edging.
You’ve probably heard about that term already but weren’t quite sure what it meant. Basically, edging is when you take the partner to the point of orgasm only to stop before they reach climax, and then you do it all over again and again. Edging isn’t, actually, teasing. This practice intensifies orgasm and takes your sex life to a whole new level. Admit it, you’re probably curious and wonder how to make it happen. Read on to find out.
Reasonable expectations are overwhelming and take away the desire to do something. Edging is not the exception from that rule. Have reasonable expectations and acknowledge that it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. Practice makes perfect, remember.
Why does this matter? Well, not everyone can master the art of orgasm control immediately. The point is that you shouldn’t let that discourage you. Like everything else in life, it takes practice to master edging. But you know what? That means you need to have sex more frequently and who wouldn’t want that?
The first time you try edging, bring yourself back from the brink of orgasm once or twice with Sydney Escorts. The next time you can do it three times and then four times, and so on. The longer you can hold orgasm and start over, the more powerful your climax will be. Although it may seem odd to stop orgasm at first, once you try it you’ll love this sex trend instantly. If you feel like you need more practice, it’s always a good idea to do it with a Sydney escort agency.
Communication is crucial
For most people communication during sex isn’t the most favorite thing but hear us out. Communication makes edging a lot easier. Without proper communication you basically expect the partner to guess when you’re about to reach an orgasm. That doesn’t work in most cases. Instead of guesswork, you just need to be straightforward. When you tell them you’re about to achieve an orgasm they can immediately stop what they’re doing and then start over. This way, good communication leads to improved control over the orgasm-related response.
Don’t be selfish
Edging, like everything else in sex, should be enjoyable for both people. Both you and your significant other need to be willing to compromise and arrange it in a way that suits you. For instance, you may want to discuss edging-related timeframes and expectations. What is that you want from the partner and how long you want it to take? One person can have weaker orgasm control and edging may not take long but the other person can be a complete opposite. Find a common ground so both of you can enjoy it.