Common Mistakes Clients Commit Before Hiring a Sydney Escort

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It’s not just the first time clients, but also the experienced men who have hired Sydney escorts services for pleasure on several different occasions, tend to forget or simply ignore 5 major checks that can cost them physically, mentally or legally. This is why we are sharing a 5-point check sheet that will help you ensure that you hire the right escort every single time.

Check the escort’s basic information

Sydney escort lying on bed
You should begin by confirming that you are not sleeping with a woman who is legally not allowed to either be in the escort industry or simply not allowed to work in Australia. Enquire about her past and where does she come from. Lately, the Sydney escort scene has seen a lot of college girls getting into business for a quick buck.

Check the escort’s skills

The fact that you are hiring an escort service for pleasure means that you already have a few wild ideas in your head that you expect the escort to fulfil. This is why it is important that you ask the agency if a certain model will be able to fulfil your desires. Every girl is different and hence they are not into everything you ask them to do. If you want a girl who is into BDSM, state your expectation to the agency clearly.

Check for the escort’s etiquettes

If you plan to take the escort to a high profile party, you have to make sure she fits right in. You do not want to hire a girl who looks like a hooker. Our girls dress sophisticatedly in the public but underneath is a teenage slut who wants to fuck you. So, a lady boss for the world and a little fuck toy for the client – this is what we deliver.

Check the terms clearly

Before you finalize a model, check the terms of the agency escort service. Most of the agency have hidden charges. For example, a lot of agencies charge extra for providing escort services in hotels and have a huge difference in and out rates. Go through the charges thoroughly before you pick an escort or an agency.


Sydney is a beautiful place with a lot of good places to explore in the Sydney CBD; and if you are in the company of a beautiful and hot Sydney escort, the city can be one hell of a romantic place. There is the opera house, the beaches and a big ocean to have mind-blowing sex with your escort. But, the action can only begin if you reach the place. This is why we are recommending you top 3 taxi services that are polite, luxurious and know their way around the city to drop you and your company to your desired location quickly.


Redy 2 Go

Black cars are the most luxurious way to travel around in Sydney’s CBD and with Redy 2 Go, you will always be in touch with the most luxurious fleet and timely pick-ups and drops. Their drivers are well-mannered, professionally trained and licensed and verified regularly to ensure that you get the best services.

London Cab Company

If you are willing to take your experience with a Sydney CBD escort to the next level, the luxury resides here, in London Cab Company. You will be blown by the quality of cars and the quality of service. They have a fleet of classic cars from the golden era and professional drivers who would treat you like the real deal you are. We would totally recommend this service if you are a first timer in Sydney.

Southern Highland Taxis

Finally, a fleet that promises and delivers top notch service and luxury. They have limousines and luxurious coaches that will take you anywhere you want in and around Sydney’s CBD. They are a premium taxi service provider but you will absolutely love the way they will treat you and your company. For the best and the most luxurious experience, in modern day cars, nothing beats them.

The Mile High Club Revisited
Picture: White Jet Ready For Take Off

Overseas business trips require some jet setters like us to endure endless hours of boredom on long haul flights. The old B-movies are so bad it makes you wonder why they even make movies about unbelievably gigantic snakes, the piped-in music are big hits from an alien world and sometimes there’s an occasional obnoxious drunk filling the cabin with crap you don’t even want to hear.

Most of you will admit that sometimes when you’re sitting there your mind wanders off and start fantasizing about what you can do to make these flights more interesting, perhaps a good bottle of champagne, a gourmet meal, 50 shades of Grey on the screen, a beautiful young woman by your side…and that’s it! You’ve finally figured out the best entertainment package possible on a long extremely boring flight, joining the mile high club!

Most men who travel a lot probably have had wild imaginings of joining this elite mile high club while some of course have had the pleasure of becoming regular members, frequent flyers who know how to make their trips extremely satisfying. If you still haven’t tried joining the club then you are missing out on one of the most exciting and interesting things you can and should do on a long-haul journey.

The best thing with a business trip is that it gives you an opportunity to seek out, choose and have a great travel escort by your side. A seductive young lady who would not mind giving you immense pleasures at 20,000 feet, someone who’s carry-on baggage is full of kinks and wild surprises. Imagine something like this:

You’re scheduled to go on a business trip which would require you to go through eight to ten hours of flight to get to your destination. Prior to the scheduled departure you arranged for a travel escort to accompany you on the flight (and of course, still be with you throughout your stay in that place, but that’s another story) so you meet her up at the airport and both of you go through the usual airport hassles together, which is already better than just being alone waiting in line until you get the necessary clearances. You both board the plane and the real fun begins while the plane starts taxiing on the runway.

She looks at you in the most seductive manner and smiles like she knows there’s something you want and you can’t wait. As the plane slowly climbs up she puts her hand on your leg and gently rubs it looking innocent while you speak. When the plane reaches altitude the she takes off your seat belt and calls the stewardess for some drinks and a blanket as she pretends to get cold. She covers both your bodies with it and while drinking she starts to give you a hand job, after a short while she slips under the blanket and gives you the most awesome blow job at 30,000 feet. She makes you cum and swallows all of it up and giggles at you when she gets back up. After a few more drinks and a good rest she gestures you to follow her in the bathroom. When you get there she’s already playing with herself, locks the door behind you and welcomes you to the exclusive mile high club!

That’s how long flights should be! Contact us now and we guarantee our Sydney escorts will make your mile high dreams come true!

Blondes Are More Fun– Find Out the Answer
Picture: Blondes Are More Fun– Find Out the Answer

This has been a lingering rhetorical question since perhaps the beginning of the modern era where women have become more liberated and have begun to take center stage in our daily lives; do blondes really have more fun? Say perhaps compared to a redhead or brunette are blondes really that much fun? Rhetoric’s aside, now is the time to put that age-old question to the test.

Blondes have more fun? Is a question best answered by our Sydney escorts, and we invite you to discover what really makes blondes tick by comparing them to redheads or brunettes on a wild evening of pleasure. We suggest that you book a great night of three way action, you with a blonde and brunette, or if want to be more adventurous throw in another redhead escort and you’ll be on your way to a wild night of searching the answer in the most enjoyable manner!

We have a great selection of beautiful blondes, brunettes and redhead escorts ready to spring into action to satisfy your wildest desires. Our agency offers premier escort services in Sydney and beyond so you may be able to live out your dreams of having the most alluring and attractive women of Australia providing you the ultimate in escort services. Our ladies are handpicked from here and abroad to ensure that our clients will have a healthy mix of choices, be it black or white, Asian or Latina, whichever you prefer we have them all and we are proud to say we have the most beautiful of them all!

The blonde question will be settled once you have made your choices. Imagine a blonde, brunette and a redhead playing with each other in front of you, all vying for your attention in the most seductive way. Let them show you who among them is willing to go to great lengths in their ultimate goal to please and satisfy you, and enjoy the beautiful contrast of brunette, red and blonde playing out live exclusively for you. Watch them kiss, touch and make out with each other while you let one of them play with you, the sensation of being around stunningly wild women is indescribable and would definitely blow your mind.

Be mesmerised and thrilled by the amazing display of colors combined with the sexiest and most lusciously tempting bodies all dripping wet and waiting for you to indulge. Three lovely ladies licking and sucking every inch of your being, moaning and groaning in pleasure every time you touch or enter their tight little pussies. Watch them cum together and compare who among them is the best performer of the night, and before the night of pleasure ends you probably will have the answer to one of life’s biggest questions…

Are blondes really more fun- why don’t you find out now?

A lot of people get excited at the thought of performing a 69 with a Sydney escort but the truth is that a 69 requires more preparation than any other sex act that you have been a part of. Moreover, it’s not as easy as you think. Why? Let’s find out.

69 Is Pleasurable and Confusing

Since you are sucking and being sucked at the same time, your brain has a hard time deciding where to concentrate. This is why most of the young men who are new to 69 find themselves helpless and lost in the act. The best tip here is not force anything. If she is sucking your dick, enjoy it and when she takes a break for air or swallowing/spitting your dick juice, return the favor.

69 Means You Have to Exercise

The most popular 69 position involves the woman on the man. While it looks easy, trust me, it isn’t. If she is on the top, she is going to lay her weight on you and if you do not have enough strength to take her body weight, you will be far from pleasure. In case you decide to be on the top, you will be constantly balancing yourself on your arms; this isn’t easy either. That being said, situation with our models is different. They are trained to give you the pleasure minus the weight exercise.

69 Means A Lot of Juice

Since you will be sucking a lot of privates, be ready to swallow the tasty solution of your spit and your partner’s pre-cum or cum if you can really make her do it. Is it filthy? We don’t think so. But if you are not comfortable with the fact that no matter how hard you try, you are going to swallow some amount of her body fluids, you are far from pleasure.

69 Can be Addicting

We would not be honest if we say that 69 is just a one-time thing. Most men who are lucky enough to find a girl who is ready to do a 69, are always asking for more of 69s. Now, since you have already found us, we assure you that we will find you a beautiful girl that will love to perform 69 with you. So, this means that all that is left is you being ready to contact us and giving us a call.

Sex is like an adventure. It is filled with nowhere lands which most people are afraid to explore. However, if you are a man of adventure and taste, let us tell you 5 wild things that we bet you will enjoy. Explore the ultimate Sydney escorts in our gallery for the following services:


Some people call it gross but the men who have been a part of it, call it hot and sexy. A rimjob is an act wherein a girl licks around the butthole of a man. A butthole of the man is least explored area, sexually. Therefore, when you get into the act, you feel sensations that you have never felt before. These sensations are tingling, shocking, beautiful and hot – all at the same time. We have girls who love doing it. They do it with the kind of passion you see in a girl’s eye when she sees a monster dick.

Bondage On You

You have probably thought of bonding a girl and doing all sorts of things to her. Have you ever thought what it would be like to let a girl tie you up and have her way with you? Our girls are trained professionals who know what you want. They can tie you, restrain you and make you beg for mercy. A lot of men who have taken our advice and opted for bondage on them, they have always been coming back and experimenting with different girls of different skills.


This is a form of submission which involves your balls, her hands, her feet and if you like extreme adventure, her high heels. You are treated as a slave or a boss who needs to be punished or rewarded with blows to his balls. The blows are delivered in the form of kicks, punches and slaps to your balls. The safe word is important and this sport is only for the real men.

Girlfriend Experience

A girlfriend experience involves hiring a girl to be your naughty, sexy and hot girlfriend who loves doing inappropriate things to you. She is going to be mad about you, fuck your brains out like a teenager girlfriend you had in your high school and college and keep you craving for her skin. The best part – you do not have to worry about all the irritating things girlfriends throw at you!

Porn Star Experience

Most of us imagine how would it be like to fuck a porn star! We see them all the time on the internet but how many of us have been able to feel the heat that we see in the movies? At Hush, we make it possible to have a Porn Star experience. Our ladies are top models who have the body of the goddess and passion of a lioness to satisfy all your sexual fantasies the way you have always wanted!

When a client calls us for the first time with an unusual request, he is somewhat afraid to speak his heart. It is evident in his voice and tone. While our trained agents and top Sydney escorts are equipped with the skills necessary to make you feel comfortable and confident to discuss your desires, we understand why would a person feel shy to talk about his kinks.

As a society, we have grown somewhat liberal with sex; however, a lot of people still gross out at the mention of a kink. They fail to understand that kinks are something that a person realises as he grows up. It is in their nature. It is not something that is to be judged morally. Of course, there is a thin line between a kink and an unacceptable behaviour but aren’t we all smart enough to understand that difference?

If you ask us, we are totally comfortable with kinks. In fact, a lot of our private escorts in Sydney are called in to fulfil the client’s kinky needs. The ladies not only love to be a part of these fantasies, but they also respect the fact that the man with them had the courage to open up and present his true self. This is why we ask our clients to communicate and tell us what they want. We want to help but it has to start with you.

A kink is not bad. In fact, kinks are more common than you think they are. They aren’t just discussed as commonly as vanilla sex and Kamasutra. And let’s face it, all of us have thought of doing something unusual to someone around us at one point in our life.

When 50 Shades of Grey was released, BDSM became a talk of the town and people eventually made peace with it. People around the world have accepted BDSM as a thing and in fact, a number of calls that we receive from men seeking escorts for BDSM have seen a rise as well. Now, judge all you want but people are enjoying the pleasure of the pain inflicted by a dominant male or female on a slave.

The fact that no one is talking about kinks is the reason why people are not finding sexual satisfaction. If you are not going to talk about what you want, you are never going to get it. Your partner may take time to understand you but eventually, the best sex is only going to happen if they are a part of your fantasy. Similarly, you have to open your mind and be comfortable with what your partner needs. You two might be on the same or you two might be reading two different books altogether but unless you talk about, no one is going to know. This is another reason why you should be comfortable with your kink.

Kinks are a part of you and the sooner you accept them; the sooner you will be able to find the best sexual experience. They are natural, they are a part of your character and everybody has them. So, be comfortable and talk about it. Give us a call or fill up our form and we would gladly provide you with Sydney elite escorts that will fulfil your kinky needs.

If you have been looking for a top-notch Sydney escort service that delivers what it promises, you will be excited to know that we are serving several new areas of Sydney for the best brothel.

This means that you now have access to services that will blow your mind and fulfil all your sexual desires near your place or your favourite hotel. We have now added the following regions to our serviceable areas and will be receiving out-call demands for our Sydney elite escorts:

  • Bellevue Hill
  • Hunters Hill
  • Northbridge
  • Paddington
  • Balmain
  • Zetland
  • Double Bay
  • North Sydney
  • Mascot
  • Woollahra

Hush has been serving high-end clients with premium escort services for a long time. We are one of the best and growing escort services in Sydney and we aim to keep the ball rolling in the right direction. Our Sydney private escorts specialize in almost everything that you can think of. We not only cater to the vanilla needs; we also provide girls who will happily be a part of your 50 shades.

All the Sydney escorts that work with us have special talents and skills. This is how we are able to meet the needs and demands of every client and deliver nothing but the top-notch experiences. Our clients love us for the quality of service we provide and the kind of care we show. We take the safety, security and privacy of our clients very seriously and hence work in a way that your details are kept a secret and away from the eyes of the world.

If you are in any of the above-mentioned regions and in need of someone who would have a wild time with you and fulfil your fantasies, give us a call. We promise an exceptional experience within your budget. We talk and discuss the needs of our clients and then suggest all available girls who would be able to deliver the kind of experience you need in your life.

Our escort girl Sydney are young, hot and committed to client satisfaction. They believe in your happiness and will do anything that they have promised to see you smile and having a good time. Our girls are Sydney elite escorts who have even helped brands with their campaigns and some of them have even earned fame online. With all this combined, you should be confident that if you are in any of the serviceable regions of Sydney and you decide to call us, we are going to provide you with the best Sydney escort services.

Give us a call and let’s discuss your fantasies.

Irrespective of how you look at it, an evening in Sydney without the company of a escort girl Sydney by your side is anything but complete. This is why our Sydney escorts are now serving many parts of the city and providing services that you have always dreamt of. We are talking Sydney elite escorts stuff; like the one you see in porn videos. That being said, of course, our Sydney private escorts are talented enough to take care of your amateur fantasies.

Hush has been active in the escorts Sydney services for a while. This means that you can trust our Sydney escort services; and the fact that we cater to a wide variety of tastes, the fun is double sure. Our private girls are skilled in different things. We believe that since every girl is different, the services provided will totally depend on the girl. So, if you are looking for a Blowjob, we would recommend a girl who loves doing it. This fact will contribute to the quality of your experience and make your time with our Sydney escort worth your time and money.

If you are looking for a high class escort agency experience, give us a call and let us know what do you desire. We would guide you through the process, present you with all our top models and services that they provide and help you fix a date and time to enjoy your service.

Hush has always dedicated itself to the service of the client and have the best escorts in Sydney. We always talk to our customers first to ensure that we know their expectations and then we leave no stone unturned to make meet it. We highly recommend that our clients open up to us and let us know what they are expecting out of an escort. Once we know their fantasies, needs and desires, we recommend the girls that would love to do those things to them.

For us, the safety and secrecy of our clients and private escorts come before anything else. Sydney escorts provided by us promise safety and secrecy at every single step of the process. If at any time we feel that the client or girls might be in danger due to a certain need of the client, we let them know and find the middle ground for the safety and happiness of everyone.

We would love to serve you and our escorts in Sydney cannot wait to see you, meet you and fulfil your wild fantasies with their hot bodies.

Image: Sydney by night

The Hush Sydney escorts are now servicing the following high-class suburbs in Sydney for our private escorts in our high class escort agency.
Our Sydney elite escorts are available for the following suburbs:

  • Bellevue Hill
  • Hunters Hill
  • Northbridge
  • Paddington
  • Balmain
  • Zetland
  • Double Bay
  • North Sydney
  • Mascot
  • Woollahra
  • Bronte
  • Coogee
  • Milsons Point
  • Dover Heights
  • North Bondi & Bondi
  • Bondi

To book one of our private escorts in Sydney please see more details on our Contact Us page.



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