Book An Escort with Hush Sydney Escort Agency

Client Etiquette

We have respectfully created a list than can be used as a word of advice on how to book an escort and they are more or less commonsense. It is advice gathered from our ladies that refer to behavior and how a lady would like to be treated.

  • Treat us girls like ladies and remember we are professionals so please don’t ask for our personal contact details. We work for an agency for security and privacy reasons. We are high-class Sydney escorts/ companions!
  • Please arrive clean and showered, alternatively, you can have a  shower when you arrive. Personal hygiene is very important
    Please don’t be late for your appointment and be sure you are where you say you are.
  • In-house calls require the basic necessities of living.
  • Condoms are a must.
  • Respect our limits- when we say no we mean no.

Payment Methods

Cash or Credit Card

10% surcharge on credit cards

Cash or credit card is welcome and the reservation of a credit card will attract a small fee. The card number will be taken from the front desk on the phone once you have confirmed your date and booking.

The card will then be authorized for the agreed amount. Upon the arrival of your date, you will be provided with a copy of the transaction to sign. You can be assured that your details are private and secure and your card number is not recorded in full on any database or ledger.


It is always advisable to book in advance as most of the ladies are by appointment only. If the lady of your choice is not available, we have a number of glamorous models on hand and ready to satisfy your wildest dreams.


Privacy is one of the most important requirements for our clientele and we respect this. The Agency and our ladies take care of your privacy as a priority including records being kept off-site and no personal data recorded. We have our ladies sign a confidentiality agreement before commencing employment.

Your contact details and your interaction with us is one hundred percent confidential. We cater to and answer for some very biggest names in the country, and we have never had a revelation.

Our elite escorts are beautiful and the best in their profession and also with the same respect and privacy from you.

To ensure the safety and respect of both client and escort, bookings are only arranged through Hush escorts so please do not ask our admin staff or escorts for their phone number or to meet outside of the establishment. Our ladies will only work within the establishment otherwise they would be a private contractor.

Sydney never ceases to amaze!

There are only a few countries in the world that allow for legal sex trade and pioneering the move to decriminalize prostitution is the great and highly liberal country of Australia, where ladies of legal age are allowed the freedom to choose to become adult industry professionals.

Sydney has become the focal point and working model for such liberalization and never ceases to amaze international observers for running a highly efficient and successful sex tourism industry that attracts countless tourists from around the globe.

The Sydney sex industry is highly acclaimed and serves as a great example on how to effectively regulate an adult entertainment industry through the implementation of strict government guidelines and measures designed to protect industry professionals and their clients, ensuring everyone’s safety in the conduct of this unique and special trade.

Sydney is also admired for treating their adult industry professionals with much respect and dignity, the reason why this city is where you will find the very best adult entertainment models and the world’s best escorts.

The escort industry in Sydney has become the benchmark in international escort services standards and remains as the most admired adult entertainment industry in the world, gaining international recognition and accolades for best industry practices and for developing a one of a kind escort industry that offers service quality standards unequaled anywhere in the world.

Sydney is also home to Hush Escorts, recognized as Australia’s top escort agency and one of the most renowned escort agencies in the world.

Why you should choose your Sydney Escorts from Hush

Hush Escorts carefully select all the models that we have in our high-class line of Sydney Escorts. We have stringent measures in place during the selection and interview process, and we look not only on the physical attributes of the aspiring models but also assess and look into their intellectual capabilities, to ensure that whoever we select will not only be flawlessly beautiful but can handle good conversations with our clients as well.

We receive hundreds of applications from model aspirants from around the globe, but only a few are deemed worthy to be part of Hush Escorts’ elite circle of high-class Sydney escorts.

Those who are lucky enough to pass the selection process go through a rigorous training procedure where all aspects of being a great escort are instilled in their personas by our training staff of escort service professionals.

This ensures that only the most qualified, highly talented and the very best young women are hired and become worthy of being labeled as Hush Escorts.

Escorts in Sydney play a big role in Australia’s world-renowned hospitality and entertainment services, providing escort and temporary companionship services to thousands of tourists who flock to the Harbour City to live out their fantasies, and Hush Escorts is committed to delivering high-quality escort services to those who deserve only the very best.

Hush Escorts put value in service quality and client satisfaction above everything else, and we continue to strive to become even better, pushing ourselves to the limit in order to deliver truly world-class escort services to our clientele.

Our name is our guarantee, and our clients will always be assured of high-quality escort services every time they choose to employ the services of our high-class escorts in Sydney.