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Best and Worst Positions for Penetration

Let’s be honest, the sheer love for sex and sexual activities isn’t enough to ensure both you and your partner are having the best time. Sex, essentially, is all about the angles just like taking selfies. The wrong angle can destroy intercourse while hitting the right angle leads to a mind-blowing orgasm and extreme satisfaction. If you really want to give your partner orgasm after orgasm, but also want to have fun yourself, then you need to know all about the best and worst positions for penetration. We can help you out with a high class escort. Read on to see them all.

BEST: Doggy style

Doggy style is ideal for men who love it hard, fast, and kind of rough. When you’re doing Sydney escorts from behind you are, actually, in charge and have complete control. This can turn you on even more and she’s going to love feeling it deep inside. Let’s not forget that you also get to look at that beautiful ass too. Hold onto her waist for more support. Doggy style is the absolute best angle for awesome penetration.

WORST: Butter churner

Ever heard of a butter churner? Basically, in this sex position, a woman starts on her back and raises her body so that it’s perpendicular to the floor. That way, her weight is on the back of her neck. Then a man comes along and penetrates from above. Although an interesting and exciting sex position, it’s not the best angle for penetration. Besides carpet burns on a woman’s neck, other problems with this sex position are a potential danger for her and the fact heights need to be compatible for it to work. All in all, you can try it if you’re curious but you may benefit more from other sex positions.

BEST: Modified missionary

In all honesty, the missionary position is largely underappreciated. It’s incredibly passionate and allows you to penetrate easily. A modified missionary is even better. Just by changing the angle of her hips, you can experience a significant difference in how much you can penetrate. To achieve that, just place a pillow under her lower back and bring the hips up. The difference is noticeable immediately. Your thrusts can go deeper and produce more satisfaction for both of you.

WORST: Cowgirl style

Cowgirl is one of the most popular sex positions out there. But it’s not the best performance-wise. Not only does it cause more injuries than other sex positions, but it’s also an awful angle for penetration. While it allows women to take control and determine the pace and depth, it can be risky.

BEST: Spooning

Spooning is a sex position that women and men love alike. For women, it’s about a greater level of intimacy and affection they experience, but for men, spooning is among the best angles for optimal penetration. Not only can you penetrate her from behind but also get to stimulate her clit. This can turn up a satisfaction to the max.

If you need more practice to uncover sex positions that allow you to penetrate perfectly, you can always do it with an escort.